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    Ajax MD

    M2211/G749 Parts availability

    Thread Starter: Ajax MD

    Just a quick and easy question-

    I see the Sticky post for the G749 Parts List, which is great but that doesn't mean that these parts are

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    Greaseable polyurethane sway bar bushings

    Thread Starter: Awesomeness

    Just weeks after getting my M1078, the sway bar bushings fell apart, and were soon completely gone. I decided to make some heavy duty polyurethane replacements,

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    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Thread Starter: Seth_O

    My Sherman had a good week this week:

    1. re-bled the brakes and topped off the fluid
    2. my first oil change! $125 bucks later . The oil

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    M1009 lacks power

    Thread Starter: roddog

    Hi all.I have a 1985 m1009. 6.2,TH350, bone stock.I have been reading posts for months. And I keep noticing people with the same vehicle stating their

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    can a 60 amp Alternator be swapped out with a 200 Amp Alternator without any mods?

    Thread Starter: shawnshumvee

    Hello. have a quick question. can a 60 amp Alternator be swapped out with a 200 Amp (dual volt) Alternator without any modification. I have a chance to

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    I have joined the club ! And yes I have lost my mine !

    Thread Starter: 1951M1078

    Well it was my turn. Its a 1996 M1078 with 17,915 miles. Will have 8k into it with shipping. Good ?Bad ? but its mine. LOL

    I need a drivers

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