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    Engine knocking LDS-456

    Thread Starter: Oerthedge21

    I had kinda figured this noise was normal, as I've had some other diesels that made a similar noise, but after asking a few people who said that doesn't

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    PTO neutral on M51A2

    Thread Starter: Seq

    I can't find neutral on the PTO on my M51A2. I've removed all the linkage and can move the upper and lower shafts (not the output shafts) in and out but

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    power steering pump part#? 87' HMMWV with 6.2 non turbo

    Thread Starter: DWagg

    my power steering pump is kaput, dead, pfft. Does anyone have a useable napa part#? OR know of a good place to get one?

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    Geared Hub Leaking

    Thread Starter: drowens1

    My right rear geared hub is leaking. I would like to know if anyone knows where to find a mechanical schematic of the components so that I can figure

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    1956 M135 2-stroke Detroit Diesel conversion

    Thread Starter: cattlerepairman

    I am not into the older Deuces but this one looks like fun and a worthy project to complete. I am not sure what the rules are, so I do not want to post

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    24r21 tires on m1070

    Thread Starter: JphOshkosh

    New to this forum so learning where to post questions. Sorry if this question shows elsewhere as well.

    Another question re: M1070.

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