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    I have too Many CUCV's and Parts

    Thread Starter: krazyk

    Im not sure if this goes in the sale section and Im not sure how to post there anyway so here's my dilemma. I have three CUCV's, an M1009, M1008, and

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    Questions, issues with my CUCV

    Thread Starter: Mmoorr721

    Ok, So...

    I have a new-ish to me 1986 CUCV... When I first bought it less than a year ago, it ran and shifted as it should. Accelerated how

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    Buying a humvee off of gov planet

    Thread Starter: Sbenoit

    I found a humvee I like but it does not have a speedometer or a odometer in the great state of Louisiana you need this to transfer the title what should

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    M101A2 Trailer Questions

    Thread Starter: rmesgt

    Hello All.... I recently purchased an M101A2 trailer. I have been actively working on it, trying to remove the rust, repair/replace the tail lights,

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    MTVR RECOVERY from Yermo cali to Georgia

    Thread Starter: Elijah95

    Just purchased a solid running MTVR from gov planet, once the EUC clears Iíll be east bound and down nothing but tail lights... hopefully.

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    MEP-804b no voltage/hz issue

    Thread Starter: cpainter20

    I have two 804b 15k 50/60hz gen set that puts out no voltage or hz. The circuit interrupter does not stay closed and I have a fault light of under voltage.

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