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    MEP-004A, No output

    Thread Starter: KLChurch

    Guyfang requested I create a new post because of my other post is way too long and we are going to a different issue.
    At this point I believe we

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    Buying a humvee off of gov planet

    Thread Starter: Sbenoit

    I found a humvee I like but it does not have a speedometer or a odometer in the great state of Louisiana you need this to transfer the title what should

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    MEP 804A no/low voltage

    Thread Starter: bgoebel

    I recently bought an 804A, about 1600 hours, good clean condition, runs nice but it is not generating power, most of the time. But, on at least two start-ups

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    My newly purchased MEP-002a...Vandalized

    Thread Starter: Chainbreaker

    I was recently cruising around eBay and Craigslist on a lark searching for any "spare parts" that I might need in the future. Instead, I ended

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    power steering pump part#? 87' HMMWV with 6.2 non turbo

    Thread Starter: DWagg

    my power steering pump is kaput, dead, pfft. Does anyone have a useable napa part#? OR know of a good place to get one?

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    Replacement seat options

    Thread Starter: ramdough


    I did a search and did not find a thread specifically for options. This thread is to provide a single location for listing all the

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