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    Thread Starter: Hmmv4me

    Hi guys, I have been digging through all of the parts manuals that I can find and can't find a part number for the rubber grommet that goes behind the

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    Jeepsinker's M35A2 6BT Cummins swap ( pics and videos)

    Thread Starter: Jeepsinker

    Hey guys, I know I don't post a whole lot in here anymore, but I thought this project might interest you since this swap is going to become a necessity

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    wheel/tire options - budget minded???

    Thread Starter: McSpeed

    I'm looking for basic "custom" cast wheels in the 18" or so variety that would update the looks a bit, and give me a more common wheel/tire

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    What causes engine knock from a bad injector?

    Thread Starter: LCA078

    I know bad injectors can cause a knock but I'm lost on physically what is going on to cause the knock. I've searched the forum and internet but haven't

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    7 ton purchase advice

    Thread Starter: garwhal21

    Good morning. Been a lurker for a long time. I am looking to purchase a 7 ton osh kosh MK23 from an auction site in California. I have struggled finding

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    M35A2 Winch Issues

    Thread Starter: hnybdgr92

    I have a 1968 M35A2 with the PTO winch, but the selector lever on the back side of the winch wont budge. A friend of mine mentioned that the winch clutch

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