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    M936A2 Engine swap ideas

    Thread Starter: Ssmax

    So I have an m936a2, which i know for a fact has a blown head gasket and most likely a cracked liner or many. Burns coolant, blow by, overheats, exhaust

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    Alternator Pulleys

    Thread Starter: hrbergeron

    I just got a 1985 M1009 with a 6.2L. The starter and alternators were taken off prior to sale, so I can not re use the old ones. I have read that the

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    M923A2 5-ton transmission issues

    Thread Starter: rsbillings

    My transmission is not shifting out of first gear (1-1) in my 1991 5-ton M923a2. For no apparent reason it will not shift out of 1st gear regardless of

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    What to look for when buying a HMMWV?

    Thread Starter: BigTruckBigNutz

    Could anyone provide a link or a short list of specifics to check/look for when buying an already legal HMMWV from a seller? 6.2L M998 4 seater is likely

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    New owner of 1997 LMTV

    Thread Starter: Blairg

    Greetings all.
    During the the process of getting my EUC approved I have been doing a lot of reading here. Always amazes me the amount of knowledge

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    Can 3 phase environmental control units be converted or used on single phase?

    Thread Starter: thetruckguy

    I bought a couple different units for my shop, and didnt think about it being 3 phase. Now realizing it and not having 3 phase capabilities in my shop,

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