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    Quick question...How many CFM does 6.2 engine take at 2000RPM & 3000RPM @ Intake man?

    Thread Starter: TOBASH

    So on a 6.2 liter military detuned engine, how many CFM does the intake manifold flow at 2000 and 3000RPM. How many at WOT?


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    Wiring an ATS to the MEP803a

    Thread Starter: technoid

    I plan to install an ASCO ATS. Does anyone know what the wire taps are on the 803 control board to wire the start sequence? Or is there an option kit

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    Trick, functional jake brake grenade shifter

    Thread Starter: US6x4

    I just completed my most recent project which was to put a grenade shift knob on the shifter but with a twist. In preparation for jake brakes I wanted

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    I have joined the club ! And yes I have lost my mine !

    Thread Starter: 1951M1078

    Well it was my turn. Its a 1996 M1078 with 17,915 miles. Will have 8k into it with shipping. Good ?Bad ? but its mine. LOL

    I need a drivers

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    Different turrets

    Thread Starter: Mk23

    So in would like to add a turret to my steel roof. It came from a GMV truck.

    Is there a guide to the different Hmmwv turrets? I see references

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    4L80e and NP241c Upgrade

    Thread Starter: GasTurbineTech

    4L80e Upgrade
    Here is my 4L80e experience

    Started with a 1988 24,000-mile M998 that had been updated with the 6.5L NA, still had the

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