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    Ini Power Remote/Auto Start

    Thread Starter: sassriverrat

    Has anyone ever tried playing with INI Power IG1000-ASKR-USMC Remote Start Kit

    Or does anyone know anything about them or have a manual?

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    Wiring an ATS to the MEP803a

    Thread Starter: technoid

    I plan to install an ASCO ATS. Does anyone know what the wire taps are on the 803 control board to wire the start sequence? Or is there an option kit

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    67 evil eleanor

    Help on Radius Rod M 998

    Thread Starter: 67 evil eleanor

    Trying to adjust the left radius rod on my 998. I have loosened up the lock bolts (taken off) and soaked the threads for three nights in my special sauce

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    Reworked LMTV

    The correct response to "Why do you need a military trailer?!!!"

    Thread Starter: Reworked LMTV

    The correct response to the following statement "You're always buying military stuff, you have plenty, why do you need a military trailer?!!!"

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    Solar trickle Charger

    Thread Starter: enem178

    Anyone have a part# or recommendation for a solar trickle charger I can use to keep the batteries on the 803 charged while not in use? I know some had

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    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    Thread Starter: Migginsbros

    If you own a SEE, HMMH or HME Tractor please let us know.
    419.101 SEE 2086 ea., 419.102 HME 13 ea., 419.103 HMMH 164 ea., 419.104 HME 153 ea.

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