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    MRAP Buffalo Trainer

    Thread Starter: fuzzytoaster

    For those who haven't heard I've come into possession of a Buffalo MRAP trainer built on an M925A2 chassis. I want this thread to document the unique

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    Reworked LMTV

    Temps will drop drastically tomorrow here-What type of engine heater do you use ?

    Thread Starter: Reworked LMTV

    Dropping temperatures make me think about extreme cold starts at some point with my truck. TN is no North Pole, but if I start to travel, I'm I curious

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    Cooling fan freaking out?

    Thread Starter: mturner2003

    Hello everyone. My cooling fan has recently started freaking out. It just randomly comes on and off sporadically for no reason.

    My Humvee's

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    Injector pump leak

    Thread Starter: MattNC

    Hi All -

    So I have a leak at my injector pump that is leaking about a drop of diesel every 2-3 seconds. Its enough to make the valley on

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    Mile Marker winch rotation

    Thread Starter: Mogman

    I have read somewhere in these threads that when using a rear Mile Marker winch on the front that the cable must be spooled on in the opposite direction.

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    HMMWV Video Spotted Do you speak German

    Thread Starter: CMPPhil


    Spotted this by accident but I really would love to know what the are saying.

    Cheers Phil

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