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    Reworked LMTV

    The correct response to "Why do you need a military trailer?!!!"

    Thread Starter: Reworked LMTV

    The correct response to the following statement "You're always buying military stuff, you have plenty, why do you need a military trailer?!!!"

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    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Thread Starter: Seth_O

    My Sherman had a good week this week:

    1. re-bled the brakes and topped off the fluid
    2. my first oil change! $125 bucks later . The oil

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    Frequency meter erratic

    Thread Starter: technoid

    My MEP 803a has an erratic. Frequency meter. My Fluke meter reads steady freq. So what is causing the analog meter on the panel to be erratic?

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    Quick question...How many CFM does 6.2 engine take at 2000RPM & 3000RPM @ Intake man?

    Thread Starter: TOBASH

    So on a 6.2 liter military detuned engine, how many CFM does the intake manifold flow at 2000 and 3000RPM. How many at WOT?


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    Put new style LED's on my M923 but...

    Thread Starter: dieselsmokem35a2

    Hey Guys,
    I recently updated the side marker lights and tail lights on my M923A2 to the newer LED's. They look and work great....but...Today I

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    M35A2 cabin heater

    Thread Starter: jimm1009

    I am missing the flange that is mounted on the rear of the heater box and the soft duct leading to the firewall
    and it was missing when I purchased

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