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    Quick question...How many CFM does 6.2 engine take at 2000RPM & 3000RPM @ Intake man?

    Thread Starter: TOBASH

    So on a 6.2 liter military detuned engine, how many CFM does the intake manifold flow at 2000 and 3000RPM. How many at WOT?


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    Reworked LMTV

    The correct response to "Why do you need a military trailer?!!!"

    Thread Starter: Reworked LMTV

    The correct response to the following statement "You're always buying military stuff, you have plenty, why do you need a military trailer?!!!"

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    Slant back gas spring bracket mount

    Thread Starter: Frost0071

    I started to mount my slant back on the HMMWV and I have these two brackets for the gas spring which go on the fenders but I don't know the exact location.

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    5 Ton Parts Weight List

    Thread Starter: 71DeuceAK

    Recently, a long-dead but oh so very useful thread in the Deuce board was bumped by someone. Much as the title suggests, that one had people's experiences

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    Weight of Deuce parts

    Thread Starter: tie6044

    I often times find myself searching for weights of specific parts for the deuce, some I can find some I can't. If anyone has actually weighed specific

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    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    Thread Starter: Migginsbros

    If you own a SEE, HMMH or HME Tractor please let us know.
    419.101 SEE 2086 ea., 419.102 HME 13 ea., 419.103 HMMH 164 ea., 419.104 HME 153 ea.

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