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    Fuel filters or lack thereof and stalling.

    Thread Starter: DB556

    Well it friday I'll take the deuce for a spin, and stop by buddies and do some work on it.
    Put in some new fuel filters, top up the fluids, etc.

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    747-AAC CONCEPT "Airborne Aircraft Carrier"

    Thread Starter: USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    This gem of a video popped up on my YouTube suggested for viewing list.....

    So, I watched it.

    Pretty interesting bit of USAF/DOD

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    Evil Dr. Porkchop

    Need a jeep trailer picked up in Oxford, NC

    Thread Starter: Evil Dr. Porkchop

    Is there anyone in the area of Oxford, NC (one hour north of Raleigh) that can pick up a converto dump trailer and maybe store it for a bit while I try

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    dezert ratt

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Thread Starter: dezert ratt

    Hopefully theres not a 5 ton thread like this already. I tried search, and did not find anything. I just changed my 1st flat on one of the rear inner

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    New member from Ireland.

    Thread Starter: Technicaltom

    My present interest is the TH 400 transmission.Plus I am interested in all things mechanical.

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    FNG from North Texas

    Thread Starter: ErnieL

    Hey yíall!
    I just joined a few days back, Iíve had the itch for years, but raising a family and building my business got in the way.

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