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    So new 1971 Deuce delivered today. No spare, odd size tires on it.

    Thread Starter: benhasajeep

    So, the new to us Deuce was delivered today. I thought it had regular G177 11 r20's on it. But it actually has G177 10 r20's on it. Now they are absolutely

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    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Thread Starter: Seth_O

    My Sherman had a good week this week:

    1. re-bled the brakes and topped off the fluid
    2. my first oil change! $125 bucks later . The oil

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    Hard cold starts in hot weather.

    Thread Starter: erasedhammer

    Currently, after sitting for a night, if I try to start my truck it takes a good minute of cranking to get it started. Smoking pretty good while cranking,

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    Master Cylinder Differences for M101 Surge Brakes

    Thread Starter: Valence

    I wanted to discuss a minor difference between a older style master cylinder (probably original) off my 1997 Pribbs M101A3 trailer.


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    Valence's 1997 Pribbs M101A3

    Thread Starter: Valence

    Well, I sold my 1968 M101A1 and, in favor of the surge brakes, bought this 1997 Pribbs M101A3 from Gunzy!

    Obviously from

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    cylinder liners engine type multifuel LDT 465 1C

    Thread Starter: Stanles

    Hey guys, I have a question about an engine type multifuel LDT 465 1C. Are there somewhere a cylinder liners available? There should be 2 types according

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