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    M1061A1 trailer payload question

    Thread Starter: LCP

    Hi, new guy here. I am considering a M1061A1 trailer for portable water storage. I would like to put a large poly tank, perhaps 3000 gal, on the trailer.

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    Deuce insurance in b.c Canada

    Thread Starter: Derekanddeuce

    I'm wondering what are the costs going to be of insurance for a deuce and also what license is needed? I'm almost allowed to drive (like 10 days) so I

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    G749 Trucks hard to come by

    Thread Starter: 1944mb

    I was curious in your guys' input. IT seems as though the G749 trucks are getting hard to come by. I hard been watching for them for a while and havenm't

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    HMMWV Overheat Q's and pictures

    Thread Starter: vitamink

    Just got my hmmwv and i'm having overheating issues. Today i took her out for the first time and i noticed that the temp gauge was reading kind of high

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    Drivers side seatbelt?

    Thread Starter: CivilEGR

    How is this thing attached to the floorboard? I've used a can of PB Blaster and a cheater bar on my breaker bar and I still can barely get this thing

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    Front shocks

    Thread Starter: m-35tom

    OK, 1 of my front shocks is bent. They have springs on them like for the up armored cabs I guess. Should I replace just the bent shock with the helper

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