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    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Thread Starter: Seth_O

    My Sherman had a good week this week:

    1. re-bled the brakes and topped off the fluid
    2. my first oil change! $125 bucks later . The oil

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    Multifuel motor mounts (isolation mounts, rubber mounts, engine mounts)

    Thread Starter: cattlerepairman

    Ready to start engine removal. What to do about the old-age senile isolation mounts? I see left ones on an auction site (right and left are different

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    Another MEP-802 standby generator thread

    Thread Starter: rcamacho

    Sharing progress on my project to connect a MEP-802a to the home for backup power.

    Infamous well nut fix. Recommend starting with this first.

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    Stock horn replacement

    Thread Starter: Stevev

    Hey guys
    I ordered a new louder horn and it only has a blue power wire and the unit grounds when you bolt it in I guess
    the current horn

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    General Dynamics Growlers

    Thread Starter: dougnash

    I have been seeing these on gov planet auction lately

    One sold for $20k

    They look really cool especially with a diesel

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    waste oil stove

    Thread Starter: pigpen60

    Anyone here build a WMO heater?

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