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    Problems with my 1045a2

    Thread Starter: 2mas-


    I have a couple problems with my M1045a2

    First problem is that my transmission is in "limp mode" only does 1-2

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    MEP-8xx series fuel pump

    Thread Starter: Daybreak

    The 800 series TQG has 2 different fuel pumps. The older style is a square Facet electric fuel pump. The newer style is a round Airtex E1074

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    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Thread Starter: Seth_O

    My Sherman had a good week this week:

    1. re-bled the brakes and topped off the fluid
    2. my first oil change! $125 bucks later . The oil

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    5 ton air lockers?

    Thread Starter: deuceman51

    I've read tons of threads on the detroit lockers, but has anybody found anyone who makes air lockers for the 5t M809 axles? I am in the process of working

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    Got another deuce! (Dropside!)

    Thread Starter: DavidWymore

    Runs and drives, needs a little TLC. A buddy trailed it home for me. Little bent up from being offroaded. Maybe swap the dropside bed with my nice truck

    Last Post By: cattlerepairman Today, 09:30 Go to last post

    M920 CAT7155 Transmission Help needed

    Thread Starter: GAR16

    We are having problems with our CAT 7155 transmission and are thinking about swapping it out. What auto transmission will fit?

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