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    Steel Soldiers migration 12/9/19

    How do I get the correct time to show for all posts? I read one that was posted "9 minutes ago". I went back later and the time shown is 19 hours behind what was 9 minutes prior to me reading it the first time. So actual time here was 9:09pm. Time on post is 2:09am, same day. Also, are we...
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    Steel Soldiers migration 12/9/19

    Microsoft Edge in Windows. "bold" may not be correct. The post titles are bigger white letters. The issue I have is that the title font is the same on post I have read vs posts that have new responses. On the last site, updated post titles were bold and older ones were not bold. Now all post...
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    Steel Soldiers migration 12/9/19

    When I visit the HMMWV forum, all of the thread titles are BOLD. After I read it, it is still bold. I can't tell which threads I have read and which ones I haven't. Unless I am missing something. And the first several posts in that forum haven't been used in years. Are those supposed to be...
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    I cant help but respond....You just confirmed what RWH stated. Coolant has a higher boiling point. I thought some tracks require only water in the vehicles so that they don't spray coolant all over the track when they have a leak. But water will freeze, hence using anti-freeze.
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    Coil springs and tire size question

    every hmmwv with the same tire and air pressure will measure the same at the lower control arm near the tire, no matter how high the rest of the vehicle is. What is the measurement from the center of the front crossmember to the ground? preferably taken on smooth pavement. My 12k hmmwv is at 18".
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    HUMVEE completely dead! Bad PCB or ????

    It was a joke. Sorry i dont use smiley faces in all my posts.
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    HUMVEE completely dead! Bad PCB or ????

    It is in the TM. It reads something like "disconnect batteries before electrical work or damage to equipment or personnel may occur."
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    MA HMMWV owners - RMV question

    Sounds like another owner bypassing the systems in his / her state. Why don't you just use the make / model that are currently on the Vermont registration?
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    HUMVEE completely dead! Bad PCB or ????

    Put the shifter in N. Try to start.
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    Securing a HMMWV

    Doesnt the tile app only work if someone is near uour item and have the app tirned on? If everyone keeps stating where there cutoff is on an open forum, folks will know how to start your rig. A fuel cutoff is a bad ide if yoj have to bleed air from your system in a mall parking lot.
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    New member and owner with questions to get 1043A2 started

    and get any water out of your air filter can, if any, since you do not have a cover on the intake.
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    Well, finally registered her and drove her for my first time...

    Push it past 35 amd see if it smooths back out.
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    M998 HMMWV Frozen Tailgate Hinges

    Why not just replace the hinges? Or remove the tailgate and use an air hammer with s pointed bit to drive pins out?
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    94 hmmwv

    Ask the seller to take you for a ride. I wont let folks test drive my vehicles. My insurance company advised against it. Look for a "P" and a "D" with a circle around it , on the shifter. That will be a 4 speed
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    94 hmmwv

    Airbags wont deploy if there arent any.
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