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    Label plates for MEP-003a

    By label plates if you mean the plates like the Mfg data plate and the Schematic plate on top of the control box, I haven't seen any of those for sale on eBay for a while. The schematic on top of the control box should not be relied upon anyway since in all likelihood its been superseded by the...
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    Ideas to quite down an mep 005

    Looking at it from another angle... 1. Do your hotel guests sleep with windows open at night or run AC with windows closed? 2. Are the rooms in one attached structure or individual units spread out? 3. Where is your generator building in proximity to your guest quarters? Distance...
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    Why is my MEP-531 puking oil up into the air filter?

    As a start, I would pull the valve cover off and take a look-see at the top end. Never know what you may find... I was on a motorcycle road trip long time ago with a buddy when his motorcycle started puking oil. We started taking off what we could in a rest area with limited tools. We got...
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    MEP-802a: need aux fuel tank 20 gallon preferred but 10 would probably work

    The one concern I would have with running a genset unattended with no one onsite would be the potential for a fuel leak & subsequent fire. Diesel is certainly MUCH better than gasoline as far as combustibility/flammability but diesel squirting on a hot exhaust manifold is a problem. You...
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    IoTaWatt WiFi electricity monitor on MEP-803a

    Wow thanks for posting that! That is a VERY useful tool! I went to their website and see that you can configure & customize it with various open source add-ons. One example: "Uploads to influxDB and Emoncms More sophisticated users can configure data upload to influxDB and use Grafana or one...
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    Big 2 Cycle Generator?

    I thought it may have to do with identifying these sets location from a service standpoint being its on a watercraft of some sort. Typically sailors don't reference positions left or right when referring to objects shipboard like an engine. Was wondering if perhaps these might be used for one...
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    Big 2 Cycle Generator?

    Well its been a little slow on the SS website in the generator forum during the holidays so I thought I would post this as a curiosity item. While I was cruising around Craigslist Portland, OR I did a search for "Military Generator" and an ad popped up for 2 very large generators for use on...
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    MEP105A Gen Starts and dies

    Since you earlier said this about the check valve "There was a lot of rust and crappolla in it." I would blow out all the fuel lines while the injection pump is out for the rebuild if you haven't done so already. Not knowing how often it was brought into service at your municipality and how...
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    Glow plugs for MEP-002a/MEP-003a

    Edit: I see Zed254 already provided a link to these: Try eBay using: "GLOW PLUG, CHAMPION 182 CH42, MILITARY GENSET MEP002, MEP003". By the way, you indicated they are not functioning. Have you pulled them and inspected them and verified its actually the glow plugs themselves. Also, are the...
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    MEP 804 - Over Voltage

    Just a thought...sometimes those type of wiper switches get dirty/oxidized from lack of movement. With the unit turned OFF, I would mark where it was last set for 120 V and then fully exercise the switch fully stop-to-stop both directions several times and then return to the mark. Then restart...
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    MEP 002a Oil and Filter

    You can type in "MEP-002a Spin On Cartridge" on eBay and one will come up. Also, SS member Speddmon (his post above yours /\) has sold these in the past. You could PM him to see if he still offers them for sale. Edit: Or, look in the SS "Parts For Sale" forum to see if they might still be...
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    MEP-002 Output Voltage Problems

    Here are some more recent threads (MEP-003a with similar issues) and better troubleshooting advice included.
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    MEP-002 Output Voltage Problems

    As a start This thread and other similar thread links in it may help you troubleshoot the problem.
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    MEP002A no start

    Tip: You really shouldn't use starting fluid (ether) on a diesel with intake heaters and glow plugs. One runs the risk of damaging the engine by explosive detonation in the intake manifold or breaking piston rings or damaging the piston itself due to using starting fluid in a "compression...
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    When starting my 002 the wiring harness from the control panel to switch box melted down from some type of short?

    Not directly related to your problem...however since you have 3 MEP-002a's you should verify they have this wiring mod as it relates to the starter:
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