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    Mep spin on oil conversions

    Here is the installation procedure as listed by GMG who also sells the oil filter spin on adapter kit for MEP-002a/-003a: "Installation Instructions: Remove original oil filter canister assembly. Remove original canister-to-engine block seal and clean seal groove. Clean center threaded hole...
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    Mep-002a fuel pump question

    Something to try on your old pump... cut out the old RFI suppressor module and butt splice the wires together and see if it works. If it does, you now have a spare. In civilian life you really don't need RFI suppression unless perhaps your a Ham Radio operator or have other sensitive equipment...
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    Running on 803 over 24 hours now

    Since the topic of propane fueled generators came up in this thread, here is a handy "Generator Fuel What Fuel is Best" guide that shows both the Advantages & Disadvantages of each type of fuel.
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    Mep 002a fuel return

    I agree that you wouldn't want to "T" the return line into the draw tube line. That would create a negative pressure on the return line and it might potentially create pressure imbalance issues within the IP. If your using a 55 gallon drum, or similar, you could drill & tap the bung cap to...
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    Mep-002a fuel pump question

    I haven't ever measured or even seen the return flow to fuel tank, only heard it with cap off fuel tank & it sounded like a trickle with engine off. Not knowing history of your genset I would suggest you put a can of Seafoam, or the like, in it. With Seafoam you can even put it in the last...
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    Mep-002a fuel pump question

    In particular, PDF page #'s 102, 104
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    MEP -003 intermittent voltage on L1:L3 ....

    I would recommend at a minimum to run your genset quarterly to keep the fuel flowing through the system so it does not gum up the works (Injection pump in particular). Also you want to give it a workout under a ~75% or better load for an hour or so to get it hot enough to drive out any critters...
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    Help! MEP-002a starts then immediately the solenoid kills the engine-what all can trigger this???

    Here is how mine is set just for reference, note that the governor spring is set below the star adjuster.
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    MEP-002A Left Connected when Main Power was Restored

    I'm wondering if the selector switch being stuck, which from your comments above, was not the case before the power restoration event is a symptom that's being overlooked. If that's the case, I would take off the side panel and just loosen the nuts on the wafer switch and spray contact cleaner...
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    Mep 002a linkage

    Is it hunting between 50 - 70 or holding steady at one or the other? If hunting, its your governor adjustment. There is an adjustment procedure in the TM's. If you haven't downloaded them they are located here. Here is the way one of mine is set. The spring and star adjuster should be set...
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    MEP -003 intermittent voltage on L1:L3 ....

    I would recommend using a product that is specifically designed for cleaning & lubricating electrical contacts. There is a product called "Deoxit" or the "CRC", both contact cleaners work well but I prefer Deoxit. You should be able to find one or the other at a Home Depot or order online if...
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    MEP -003 intermittent voltage on L1:L3 ....

    As a troubleshooting starting point... with the generator shut down I would rotate the AC reconnection switch several times because the contacts can oxidize and not make reliable contact and you will not always get voltage output at load terminals. If you have not ever done this before just...
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    New to Me AN/MJQ-18 PP (2) MEP-003a

    Wow, nice score! Totally virgin unit...rare indeed! BTW, just the rubberized cover is worth about $500 - $750 shipped if you can find one!
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    MEP-002a: Hollingsworth, Libby, Fermont

    Wow LITD, that is pretty pristine '86 vintage unit! Non-faded placards, schematics and control panel with pristine looking wiring harness is quite rare. Even has the inspection stamp on the mfg's placard. Looks like there was some leakage out of fuel cannisters but that should clean up...
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    MEP-002a: Hollingsworth, Libby, Fermont

    The one you linked the ad for is a Libby and is a 1991 which was the last year of production with fairly low hours at 1,571. However, that does not mean that the hour meter is "original" as they do get changed out but it "appears" original due to meter model and typical patina on bezel &...
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