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    European Member List

    Coffeelover29 I know, is in my area. Stewartoverland write with t not d (my mistake) Svenson I can´t find ??? MB2232 was real member last year, i´m sure, don´t know what happened :shrugs:
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    MV of the Month February 2020

    Ohh, we have a long long February this year.:jumpin::jumpin:
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    MV of the year 2019

    Congrats to hndrsonj and his well deserved win. Congrats to all participants and thank you to all voters. 👍👍🏆🥇🥈🥉:driver::driver:
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2020 - January VOTE HERE!

    Congrats to ipcoating. Missed election day, too. Sorry for that. :beer: :driver:
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    LIL Blue Pinzgauer

    Nice truck, welcome frome overseas.
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    Loud bangs while operating backhoe

    We heard similar noises at similar situations. Think Pinsandpitons is right. We found small traces between the reinforcement and the frame. We try to tighten the bolt but he not really move. In some situations we still hear the noise. But rare.
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    I just don’t know, how do I get back to the original thread, add the location link.
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    European Member List

    European Member list. Thank you Guy, perhaps you can add another column in the chart and mark present if the member is in the thread. So we know they were automatically informed if there is something new in this thread. 2cents
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2020 - January VOTE HERE!

    This 1977 MAN Kat1 served till 2012 . After a complete rebuild the army donate this 5t truck to the Katastrophenschutz / civil protection of the island Fehmarn. They sometimes get big flood and storms. After a political (perhaps wrong) decision they sell the truck due to the costs. So we had...
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2020 - January VOTE HERE!

    It´s a MAN . Say no more. :-D:-D
  11. Migginsbros

    MV of the year 2019

    Migginsbros MAN Some offroad fun :driver::driver: :driver: :driver:
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    European Member List

    Yes, you can try it. Sort it as you wish. Perhaps by country.
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