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    Front Bevel Gear Set Up.

    I thought this was a good video for us FMTV guys.
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    Wedge Brakes

    My front passenger side brake has always been weak on my 1998 M1078. I jacked up my truck Thursday night and put it on a Jackstand. I removed the front tire and quit for the evening. Friday morning we had a 7.0 earthquake I thought for sure the truck was gonna come off the stand but I got lucky...
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    Correct Flasher for LED swap.

    I searched and didn’t find the information I wanted so I’m asking here. I wanna do a complete LED upgrade to my 1998 A0 M1078. What’s the correct load no load flasher for an LED change? Thanks in advance.
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    Aux starter solenoid

    I bought a 1998 M1078 that’s a non-runner I replaced the batteries I’ve check all the fluids and replaced all the circuit breakers with fuses. I get a click from the relay in the fuse panel but I got nothing from the starter. I used the hand jack and I got the cab tilted forward and I’ve found...
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    Hard Choice: Buy M923A2 -OR- Wait For LMTV ?

    I have a beautiful M923A2 that I love, everything's working currently and I enjoy driving it around with the family. I have an opportunity to buy another M923A2 that's in basically the same condition as my current one. The reason I'm torn is i'd like to bid on an LMTV in the future so I'm not...
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