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  1. Wolfen

    OR WC63 for sale.

    I am selling my WC63. It has the correct T233 engine. It runs and drives well. It has the correct engine and is still six volts. It has 7 new tires and tubes. The tires have, around 200 miles on them. The wheels, have been x-rayed, primed and spray painted. It comes with the gun ring, and...
  2. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    I just bought a WC63. No pictures yet. I will post pictures when I get it home. Hopefully this weekend. First order business is rebuilding the carb so the engine will keep running. Then brakes and of course a complete fluid change and mounting a couple of new tires. No canvas, but it does have...
  3. Wolfen

    Rober Gordon

    Warning! Do not do Business with Robert Gordon in Santa Barbara CA. He will not honor his deals and suddenly changes things. I had shipping arranged, but he suddenly changed the availability of the WC63 I was trying to buy from him which drove up the shipping cost. He was unwilling to reduce his...
  4. Wolfen

    1942 WC63 from Santa Barbara CA to Woodburn OR

    I need a 1942 WC63 transported from Santa Barbara CA to Woodburn OR. The WC63 needs to be picked up on 11/18/2017. The previous owner, will be there to help load. The WC63 runs, drives, and stops. The stats on a WC63 are: Length 18ft 9in, Width 6ft 11 in, Height 7ft 3 in, Weight 7175 LB. I am...
  5. Wolfen

    Inspection need in Havelock NC 28532

    I need someone to inspect a pair of WC63's in Havelock NC 28532. Please send me a PM if you can do this.
  6. Wolfen

    Inspection needed in Denton, Texas

    Can anybody inspect a truck near Dallas Texas? The auction ends Friday at 5:30 pm.
  7. Wolfen

    1942 wc54

    I need to find out what my 1942 WC54 would be worth so I can set a price. It has been Parade restored. The interior needs some work still but I have the hard to find parts for it. It has Electric Wipers, Locking Hubs, and turn signals. It has a T214 engine and the rare correct front seats. It...
  8. Wolfen

    Black Knight

    I'm posting this Link here because I think it fits the best here. Moderators please move if you don't think it belongs here. And yes I did use the search function.
  9. Wolfen

    Looking for help near Woodburn Oregon.

    I want to finish Restoring my WC54. I live in Woodburn Oregon and need some help. I just started a new Job and don't have time to Work on my WC54. It needs new Brakes, some Electrical Work, and some Paint and Body Work. I would say it is %85 Restored. I have it Parked in my Shop so it is out of...
  10. Wolfen

    1 1/2 Ton 4X4 Ambulance VF-407

    I am looking for information on the VF-407 1 1/2 Ton 4x4 Ambulance. I've done a Google search and have only found one Picture. The Book I have Dodge WW2 Military Portfolio 1940 - 1945 has the same Picture. I was thinking of building a Replica out of a TF/VF/WF Panel Truck Body. But I would need...
  11. Wolfen

    WC Spotted today 1/11/2013 in Oregon City Oregon

    Who belongs to the WC I saw southbound on 82 Avenue in Oregon City on the back of a Tow Truck today about 12:30 pm. The Tow Truck turned right onto Redland Road just past the Home Depot.
  12. Wolfen

    WC54 Questions

    I have some questions that I need answers for. I need to know how long the Passengers side rear Bench Seat is. I also need to know what the distance is between the Reflectors on the rear Doors and the Reflectors on the side. The holes for the side Reflectors have been painted over on my WC54...
  13. Wolfen

    WWII CCKW Assembly Line (France)

    I found this Video of a CCKW Assembly Line. :smile:
  14. Wolfen

    Denver Lockout Hub Tool

    My WC54 is Equipped with Denver Lockout Hubs. The Company, is no longer in Buisness. These Hubs, require a Tool that engages the two Grooves in the Surface of the Hub and allows you to Turn the Hub. You can not, use your Fingers to Lock/Unlock the Hubs. It Requires, to much Force. Apperantly, a...
  15. Wolfen

    Window Handle Knobs

    Could someone with a good Original Window Handle, Messure the Knob on the Window Handle? I need to know its Height, Maximum Width, and Mininum Width. I want to make some Knobs out of Wood to Place on the Window Handles of my WC54. I am missing both Knobs. If someone knows where I could get the...
  16. Wolfen

    Inspection needed at Puyallup WA

    Is there anyone in the Puyallup WA area willing to do a Veichle Inspection? If so, please send me a PM.
  17. Wolfen

    WC53 Wiper Motor Covers

    I am looking for some good Pictures of the Wiper Motor Covers for a WC53. I also need the Dimensions. If I can get some good Pictures and thje Dimensions, a guy I know said he will try to Build me a set. I have tried Vintage Power Wagons and Midwest Military but they do not have them. The...
  18. Wolfen

    Tankfest 2011

    I Discovered this upcoming Event while searching the Internet. Unfortunately, it's in England so I will be unable to Attend. Here is the Website. [thumbzup] Welcome to the Tank Museum - Home of the Tank - Tankfest 2011 – The Most Explosive Weekend In History! I wish there was something like...
  19. Wolfen

    Inspection needed in Mesa Az

    I need a M35A3 and M105A2 inspected in Mesa AZ. The Inspection needs to be done before 3/27/2011. Send me a PM if you are Available. :beer:
  20. Wolfen

    Thinking of Buying a M36A3

    I am thinking of buying a M36A3 WO/W. The guy wants $9000.00 for it. The Truck price does not include the Bows or Cover. The Truck, has less then 7000 Miles on it. It does have a Clean Title and was built in 1997. I haven't seen it in person yet, but the Pictures of it look good. I was...
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