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  1. mutt1966

    "Handles" for rear side windows, anyone know what goes there? - M1009 / Chevrolet Blazer K5 Diesel.

    They are locks that you are missing, LMC might have them but the last time I priced them very expensive, I used s a stick to keep them from vibrating open....
  2. mutt1966

    M38A1 USAF data plate

    In my 40 years of restorations Ive yet to see a USAF responsible agency tag for a M38A1, U. S. ARMY , USMC but never for the Air Force, do you still have it and could you take a pic of it
  3. mutt1966

    M1009 Fuel Tank

    Yes ....
  4. mutt1966

    CUCV M1008 Build

    Thanks for the Info....
  5. mutt1966

    CUCV M1008 Build

    Where did you get the A-Piller Gage Cluster, Thanks
  6. mutt1966

    Antenna Mounting

    Would it be possible for you to post the process of doing that conversion to a duel band antenna.... 73 Scott
  7. mutt1966

    1953 Air Force M38A1

    The data plate board will be green not blue, it was removed before painting, If you find the WILLYS plate behind the seat soak it in brake fluid you might get lucky, and it will take it down to the original white, Oh, and it might've been used by a CAP Squadron they painted a lot of them Strata...
  8. mutt1966

    M1009 25 Gal. Fuel Tank Straps

    Iam looking for the original straps , NOS part number 334675 , they have a hook on one end and a nut and thread on the other , I referenced LMC tank because I thot thry would have them but they only have the ones that are threaded on both ends...
  9. mutt1966

    M1009 25 Gal. Fuel Tank Straps

    I am in the process f replacing the fuel tank on my M1009 and I can't seem to find the correct straps that have the hook on one end and threaded on the other end, I checked LMC and they dont have them for a 25 gal. Tank, any help as to who has them.... Thanks Scott
  10. mutt1966

    M1009 Both Disks Seized....

    O.K. here is what I found, the left side brake hose is kinked, so both are going to be replaced as soon as my NAPA gets them tomorrow morning, as for the pistons they seem fine no problem getting them pushed back in with the bleeder cracked open, if it is the kinked line on the left side I still...
  11. mutt1966

    M1009 Both Disks Seized....

    No, its Dot.3 Plastic pistons, now thats a new one, never heard of that, both pistons are metal....
  12. mutt1966

    M1009 Both Disks Seized....

    I've looked for an answer, but all I've found One side seizing not both at the same time any ideas of why this would happen, everything is new as of 2016 except for the Proportioning Valve, any help is greatly appreciated.... 73, Scott
  13. mutt1966

    M151 GRC/19 Radio installation

    GRC radios are called 'Boat Anchors' for a reason, I don't believe they were ever mounted in a M151 series vehicle, they weigh in at around 300lbs and were replaced by the GRC-106 by that time....
  14. mutt1966

    M38A1 Rear Main Seal Replacement

    Just goole it's the same for the CJ-5 134cu. in. F-Head engine, try YoyTube for a video also.....73 Scott
  15. mutt1966


    As said not military, early CJ-5, if the body is in any kind of good shape, that means it has floors and hat channels that dont need to be replaced, it would be worth something to a collector of CJ-5's...
  16. mutt1966

    1955 m38a1

    Wow thats a beauty, love the paint, what brand did you use...
  17. mutt1966

    M1009 Tailgate Handle Broke

    Well when it broke I was at a show and it was in the down position or it would of been a **** of a time getting the things out of the back, Iam going to try to grind off the tops of the two pins on the arm lift that arm off too get too the last bolt and maybe MIG/TIG it back together, Ill let ya...
  18. mutt1966

    M1009 Tailgate Handle Broke

    this one sez its GM and made in Mexico... NOS CUCV M1009 BLAZER NOS GENUINE GM TAILGATE REGULATOR 2540-01-158-8554
  19. mutt1966

    M1009 Tailgate Handle Broke

    Well I tried that and no luck can't get the blade at the regulator, the top of the crank assembly is blocking it, it was a good suggestion just no luck, Iam looking at buzzing off the two pins on the arm and getting a new regulator, it prolly has been in the truck since it was built....
  20. mutt1966

    M1009 Tailgate Handle Broke

    I did a search first but nothing pertains to this, The other day when cranking the window down the clutch inside the handle broke I could hear it rattling around, the handle just spins up or down, the problem I have is I cant get the arms to move so I can get to the right rear bolt of the window...
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