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  1. mutt_r

    The Goat amazes me again and again

    Many thanks for all your hints. Found the problem and the solution today. The bolt for grounding the battery cable on the passenger side was junk. Drilled a new hole, took a new bolt and washers. And finally the Goat started like yesterday. While there was a metric bolt used by a previous owner...
  2. mutt_r

    The Goat amazes me again and again

    When I turn on the lights of the M561 while the jump cable is still connected to the M151, the instruments, lights and flasher are also not working. Will spend some time on looking for a damaged cable. Had a similar problem with the connection between tractor and carrier a few years ago. Finally...
  3. mutt_r

    The Goat amazes me again and again

    Cables between batteries and chassis are good. Checked on the terminal strip today. All lugs have 25V (only lug #1 has 0V where cable #15 is connected). When turning the master switch ON, the voltage goes down to 1.25V on all lugs. Where to start now?
  4. mutt_r

    The Goat amazes me again and again

    I'll check the cables between the batteries and the chassis.
  5. mutt_r

    The Goat amazes me again and again

    Today I wanted to wash and prepare the Goat for an event we have here next weekend. 1st start the Goat. Nothing happened. No instruments, no starter, absolutely nothing. So I took my M151 and the jump start cable. The goat starts immediately. But the instruments still don't work, the light...
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