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  1. RavageRitual

    New 12 V mod for my Deuce & other stuff

    Thank you so much for this write up. I've been unsure on how to wire some items up and you have cleared it up.
  2. RavageRitual

    M35A2 Crew cab w/ tandems

    Did he shoot his neighbor, because I would have. Check that, my wife would have gotten to that man before I could; she loves our 5 dogs more than me:mrgreen: Looks like quite a project! Good Luck!
  3. RavageRitual

    Hello from Scottsboro, AL

    Welcome from Tuscaloosa / Helena!
  4. RavageRitual

    Weather Glamour Shots?

    Maccus, that truck is awesome! Is the a thread on it by any chance?
  5. RavageRitual

    New from Huntsville, AL

    Welcome from Northport/Tuscaloosa Alabama!
  6. RavageRitual

    central florida M35a2 FNG

    Very Nice!:D
  7. RavageRitual

    CD/AM FM radio player

    What exactly are y'all doing to get the stereo's powered? Any step by step instructions, cause I know nothing about this stuff.
  8. RavageRitual

    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    Those look awesome! Do you remember what formulas you used for your colors?
  9. RavageRitual

    "New" (to me) 85 M1009

    Looks great and Welcome! Keep adding pictures as you prep and paint please :)
  10. RavageRitual

    Pics of Trip to Jack's Gov Surplus

    Oh I understand that completely. I was more talking about Jack's Gov. Surplus. I understand the desire to sell the truck whole, but if noone's buying them since they won't be sold as parts, then they will return to the earth. Or simply lower the price...
  11. RavageRitual

    5 ton steering wheel on a deuce?

    popz76 do you have air assist?
  12. RavageRitual

    Pics of Trip to Jack's Gov Surplus

    I don't understand the yards that keep these badass collections to just see them rot... Is it mainly to say "look at all my cool ****" and then it just rusts and returns to the earth? Makes me sad, but I guess it's their choice to do as they will with what they bought.
  13. RavageRitual

    Long week recovering MVs!!

    I like the group photo! I wish more people would post those kinds of pics. Awesome looking truck!
  14. RavageRitual

    M109A3 - Combat Camper Build

    This is awesome. I love the Thumper, and is that a Chinese AK?
  15. RavageRitual

    Finally got the winch on

    Hey, thanks for the pictures! It looks great! I'm about to do the same job, but I have a question. Did you drain the Transmission before you bolted the PTO up. I'm assuming so, but I figured I would ask instead of missing something easy. Also does anyone know the TM for the winch addition?
  16. RavageRitual

    Installing m35 lockout hubs.

    oh I was thinking of trading AVM's not selectros :)
  17. RavageRitual

    Installing m35 lockout hubs.

    I'll provide Hubs if you'll get me 6 XML's even trade?
  18. RavageRitual

    Installing m35 lockout hubs.

    Honestly a 15 minute job to get air compressor powered, find the right size socket, take off old hubs and replace. Super easy super fast.
  19. RavageRitual

    CUCV on steroids?

    They are asking 5500 for it
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