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  1. mangus580

    Weird Knocking Sounds

    C'mon Westy.... aua Sounds like he means the sway bar... but I would suspect a loose steering box before anything else.
  2. mangus580

    M109A3 conversion in progress, setting the standard

    The other option would be to make your 'house' batteries better... say a pair of 6v golf cart batteries wired in series.
  3. mangus580

    CUCV-II Road trip FL to CA 2,668 miles

    Phil - those codes are triggered primarily due to air in the fuel system. Make sure you have properly bled it, but also I would suggest pulling the optical sensor off the pump and cleaning it with something. I wonder if it has a 'water slime' on it, and causing it to not read properly. Both...
  4. mangus580

    CUCV-II Road trip FL to CA 2,668 miles

    I will look at my GMSPO cd tomorrow to get you the troubleshooting info on those codes. Just went to be or I would do it now.
  5. mangus580

    CUCV-II Road trip FL to CA 2,668 miles

    Very good chance your sock (in the tank) is full of snot now... I would suggest dropping the tank, and cleaning it. After that, verify your lift pump is providing adequate pressure to the IP under load.
  6. mangus580

    Chat Notice

    Ok, so I have decided to give the old chat another go (after talking with graham and looking at some server issues). I am NOT promising anything!! But for now, we shall use the OLD chat, and will remove the link to the other one, and have it disabled for the moment.
  7. mangus580

    How do I post a classified add?

    Honestly, I have heard enough complaining about this. Maybe I should just REMOVE the FREE classified ads? It was done for a reason. Enough said.
  8. mangus580

    As if the power doesn't go out enough on it's own!!!!

    Maybe the point of this outage is to fix the reliability problems...
  9. mangus580

    evo test

    You arent - it doesnt work right....
  10. mangus580

    evo test

    Adding my test...
  11. mangus580

    24 volt and 6.5 swap

    Well, how much of a swap are you going to do? What year truck is it coming from? Is it a mechanical IP? What are your plans for a computer for the 4L80E?
  12. mangus580

    CUCV-II, South Florida Rebuild

    check with Leroy at www.pmdcables.com - he sells walboro pumps. I plan to get mine from him.
  13. mangus580

    CUCV-II, South Florida Rebuild

    Sweet!! Personally I wish the previous owner of my Burb had put in a 0-15 or 0-20 PSI boost, and not a 30. Are you thinking of putting the fuel gauges before and after an aftermarket filter? or stock. I plan to replace/upgrade the lift pump on both my 6.5's, and also put a 30 micron filter in...
  14. mangus580

    CUCV-II, South Florida Rebuild

    you know - in reality thats not a bad total. We paid around 10k for my wifes 99 Burb a couple years ago - that had 90k on it when we got it, and was a 'semi' common vehicle.
  15. mangus580

    alt issues with 12v plow working

    I think you are missing something important here. If you activate the plow, and the voltage is dropping like a rock - your plow pump motor could be VERY suspect. I plowed for a long time with my 1009, and never had an issue with the stock alternator. I would have both the pump motor and...
  16. mangus580

    CUCV Build... Here We Go Again...

    Hmm... wonder where he gets that idea from?? Oh wait, I suggested it 2 years ago!!!
  17. mangus580

    Burning B20 in my M1009

    We are the only producer in NY. We primarily sell to distributors, but we do help out when people are traveling through and are looking for some....
  18. mangus580

    Burning B20 in my M1009

    Good idea on the fuel filters - honestly, I wouldnt drive a diesel without a spare filter - bio or not!
  19. mangus580

    Burning B20 in my M1009

  20. mangus580

    Burning B20 in my M1009

    Well, considering I work at a commercial biodiesel plant... :beer: We ran B100 in our 6.5's all summer, up until mid/late november
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