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  1. Weller

    No Start No Fuel Troubleshooting

    So last week I was cleaning out my HMMWV (hadn't started it since 1st of month) and found a rats nest in the radiator box by the fan. Cleaned everything with compressed air and vacuum and went to start up vehicle. No go. Thought wire may have been chewed so ran through visually on all I could...
  2. Weller

    MEP-803A inside an S-280 Shelter

    After spring cleaning my 803a and finding varmint nests (and recent rain after cleaning) I've began the process of moving it indoors. I was going to build a structure but I have a spare S-280 Shelter that I think may be a perfect fit. I'm seeking thoughts as to why this is (or isn't) a good...
  3. Weller

    MEP-803A Pegs Fuel and Temp Gauges to Right

    Finished spring cleaning on my MEP-803A last week and now I'm having an issue with both the fuel level gauge and coolant temp gauge. Both were functional previously. I'd done some heavy cleaning so may have pulled something loose. Cleaned out the box behind gauges with compressed air and had...
  4. Weller

    Guided Missile Shop Equipment Shelter

    Thanks to the addictive nature of this site, I think I finally identified another one of my shelters. I've had it for years (it's also my favorite) and I use it for dry food storage. This week I decided to clean the only remaining data plate (now hoping I can restore it). I was coming up short...
  5. Weller

    HD 765 U 120 or 208 Volt Space Heater

    HD 765 U 120/208 Volt Space Heater So I was digging around in my Shop Dragon Missile Maintenance (I call her The Dragon) shelter today and finally cleaned the dirt off of a box that's bolted to the floor. I had originally thought it was a dehumidifier and never bothered with it. I discovered...
  6. Weller

    How to tell if cable is copper or another metal?

    One of my recent trailer purchases had a stray 25 foot section of 3 phase cable tossed on the deck and I'm trying to identify it before putting it to use or selling it. I cleaned it and found these specs... CO - 04HOF(4/4)1340 MIL - C - 3432D CAROL CABLE CO WEST Did some research and came away...
  7. Weller

    MEP-803a Spring Cleaning

    After reading someones post here about an oil leak with their 803a I decided to do some spring cleaning on my unit. Glad I did. Discovered a family of mice had moved into the storage box where I keep back up filters. They chewed up the Wix box and made a nice nest. Fortunately no wires chewed...
  8. Weller

    3 Phase Wiring on 120VAC Plugs

    I have a few questions on wiring and before I cook anything on my recently acquired S-250 shelter, I figured it's best to post. The outside plug says 120VAC GEN PWR The wiring from that goes to the main breaker inside the unit. It's an Airpax 4 pole 60 amp breaker. Cable supplied to...
  9. Weller

    DRASH Shelter Transport Trailer Remodel

    Picked up a 2007 Applied Companies DRASH Shelter Transport Trailer in Yermo from GP on Friday. I'd been looking at these trailers the past few weeks, not for the generator or the ECU, but as a potential trailer to mount my S250 shelter on. I've yet to see anyone use the trailer this way so I'll...
  10. Weller

    The HMWVV as a farm vehicle

    Alright, I'm thanking tobyS and his "Why Bother" post for the motivation for this. People post photos of their humvees and all the cool mods and restorations they've done. They talk about getting them street legal, getting...
  11. Weller

    Singer JTIDS S250 Shelter Project

    Posting photos and progress on my recently acquired S250 shelter. Here she is about to get loaded on my vehicle. I decided to load door forward so I could quickly transfer shelter from my pickup to humvee. Smooth ride home, barely noticed the load, but my gas gauge did. Took about 15...
  12. Weller

    Seeking Tech Manual for Nordic Air 18,000 BTUH 3 Phase ECU 567-00001

    Hope I'm posting this to the correct location. I'm seeking a TM for the Nordic Air 18,000 BTUH 3 Phase ECU. 2008 model using R-22 refrigerant. NSN: 4120-01-526-1588 Tech Manual: 567-00001 Found a few pdf files when searching online but nothing in the way of maintenance. Btw, I'm impressed...
  13. Weller

    My M998 Has Come Home

    My M998 came home from Yermo, CA this past weekend. Was a 13 week wait for my EUC to clear but I had plenty to do in the meantime. Thought I'd share some photos of how she looked at arrival. Unlike those of you doing restores, this is going to be a ranch vehicle, and she's gonna get dirty. I...
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