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  1. bkwudzhom

    Gen 1 exciter---ground stealing voltage

    Gen 1 exciter---what am I missing? Before I get started..yes I have searched...yes I have read Warthogs Gen 1 Exciter post and thanks to his post I have upgraded my collection of laminated schematics. Problem started on routine trip to town. Drove in with no problem. When leaving the store...
  2. bkwudzhom

    Lessons learned for oil cooler hose replacement

    Not long ago I decided to replace the weeping oil cooler hoses on the M1008. Instead of buying new ($30+ each!!)... I took them to my local NAPA store that builds Hydraulic hoses. They were able to cut off the old clamp and install fresh hose that was not likely to leak in a couple of years like...
  3. bkwudzhom

    Chevy PTO winch

    I was down at my Parents yesterday and hit a local mechanincs place. In his "junkyard" I came across the following truck. It was an old power company truck with a PTO driven winch for rolling up wire and has a narrow stepside style bed with bolt on tool boxes on the side. The guy wasn't home so...
  4. bkwudzhom

    Fuse Box Power

    Thanks to Warthog, Doghead, and Clinto I have chased down the Brake light problem and fixed it. I decided to dive into the no dash light problem and pulled the dash and make sure it was all clean and ready. With that being done I have found that It is all good but not getting power from the fuse...
  5. bkwudzhom


    1985 M1008-$3200 75 feet of sling chain from the Ga Rally-$50 The chance to show the wife how to use a MV and make yard work easier--PRICELESS!
  6. bkwudzhom

    Flat head jeep engine

    My dad knows I love my M1008 and asked me what I knew of Jeeps. I told him absolutly nothing, but I know where to find some one who does! SO here I am. Anyway-He picked up an old irrigation pump and said that it has a flathead Jeep engine in it. I have not had the time to go down and look it...
  7. bkwudzhom

    proper rim width for hummer tires?

    I have located 16.5 8 lug rims for my M1008. I have a choice of 8 and 10 inches wide. Which will be the proper width and back spacing?
  8. bkwudzhom

    hummer tires cucv rims

    I bought my M1008 last year. It came with 10 inch wide aluminum wheels with 33's mounted on them. I like the tire size but the rims just dont fit the military look. I was able to secure the origional rims in the deal but the stock tires were completely dry rotted. I have found a set of hummer...
  9. bkwudzhom

    Flywheel bolts

    I have gotten the time to work on the 1008 flywheel last night and got down to the flywheel /crank bolts. I am having trouble getting the flywheel bolts that bolt it to the crankloose. I just wanna be sure that they are threaded normally before I really work on them. Also any suggestions on how...
  10. bkwudzhom

    No shim starter/flywheel

    My M1008 had a starting problem and I did the search thing to figure out the problem. I was told by several friends that the problem was that I needed to shim the starter. I removed the inspection plate only to find that there is NO way to measure the starter to flywheel contact distance due to...
  11. bkwudzhom

    M1008 fender flares

    I bought my M1008 with 33's on ten inch rims. The lower fender corners look to have been crumpled then straightened and "trimmed" with a sawzall. I like the size tires and have been looking at fender flares to cover them and keep road and trail debri from comming up the side. $ is tight here as...
  12. bkwudzhom


    I understand that without pics it is impossible to price something. However I just saw an M52A2 for sale beside the road right down from my house! I haven't had the chance to check it out--- muchless take pics so please hold on the "usless w/o pics " comments. I have no expirence with these so I...
  13. bkwudzhom

    Transmission question

    Would it be possible to add a second manual transmission to give the M1008 a manual over drive? Kinda like the gearvendors deal but a lot cheaper. Just brainstorming a bit.
  14. bkwudzhom

    PITA starter

    I picked up my M1008 a while ago and almost made it home. I found that the starter had broken a bolt and the end bracket wasnt there. I was able to remove the frag remains of the broken bolt fairly easy and was able to acquire new bolts and a bracket from the dealership for less than $10. I...
  15. bkwudzhom

    Overhead console

    Saw this and thought it was worth a post. BK Overhead Console Installation
  16. bkwudzhom

    M1008 14 bolt upgrade??

    During my Sunday afternoon stroll through a local junkyard I located a '78 chevy crewcab dually. The emblem on the rear cab post stating 3+3 as well as Camper Special 10,000 GVW. Anybody have an idea of the type rear axle this might be. I would assume it is heavy duty and geared low, the spring...
  17. bkwudzhom

    MY new M1008

    After saving and looking I finally get one home. I drove it home with 1 bolt holding the starter in and one rung off in the block. but its here.
  18. bkwudzhom

    Looking for comm shelter

    Looking for a comm. shelter in Ga/SC border to be used as storage. Bare bones will do nothing fancy Just lockable. Thanks, Jody
  19. bkwudzhom

    Bed replacement

    My father has a civi '85 chevy 3/4 ton farm truck and the bed needs replacing. Can any of the small military trailer beds be used as a replacement?
  20. bkwudzhom

    Surburban pickup?

    Just a thought. Converting the cargo area of a 'burb into a pickup. How hard would it be to seal off the passenger area. I may have access to a burb but need a pick up. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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