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  1. aaron379

    Have you broke this yet?

    So my front end has been covered in oil... front oil seal no big deal (so I thought) tore down only to find this being the cause of my problem.......NOT GOOD lucky Hooty481 hooked me up with a new-to-me one and now I'm just sitting and waiting on the key to get here so I can get it back...
  2. aaron379

    Who got a new deuce?

    I was eating today in Danville KY when I saw a blue dump truck with a black bed pulling a deuce on an equipment trailer...... The deuce was solid green with a military/homemade hard top on the bows over the bed....... so whos the guy with a new truck?
  3. aaron379

    Fuel pump going bad?

    On my deuce if I do not turn the power switch on and let the pump run for at least a minute it wont start or it will start and have trouble getting on its feet... But when it gets started it runs fine no problems like lack of power or missing.... When i shut the truck off if I go to the fuel...
  4. aaron379

    Who pulls trailers regularly?

    So just wondering how many of you guys pull trailers regularly and how do you have to park them? I myself pull my M105A2 everywhere.... Now you might be wondering why I do this? Its just because I can and thats why I got it... but one thing i have found out very quick is that the trailer is a...
  5. aaron379

    front seat?

    Where can I either get a passenger side seat cover or a drivers seat? I cant find anything anywhere with out paying way to much. Im in central Kentucky
  6. aaron379

    m105a2 recovery today

    Just got my m105a2 home not in to bad of shape. I had to make a hitch to haul it. I wanted it to be taller but I didn't have enough metal, still worked fine
  7. aaron379

    Smells like cupcakes in here?

    so i was reading why people like there deuce and a few said the smell....ok so this might seem crazy but in my cab it smells just like cupcakes while driving most of the time.... dont get me wrong it smells delicious and i like it but what would be the cause? ive even asked a person riding with...
  8. aaron379

    Anybody want to donate a cover?

    anybody want to donate a cargo cover and/or bows to my deuce?
  9. aaron379

    look at this patriotic pic

    my girl friend is into photography..... she did the first to american flag is cool i thought and the one looks like and original old pic...... while im uploading pics here are a few i took yesterday looks like im in jungle warfare... and my ammo can console handy for putting crap in and my GI...
  10. aaron379

    fuel filter help

    ok i changed my fuel filters my kit came with 3 2 long and one short got the 2 that are next to the oil filters but where is the small one? and what is the filter that is on passenger side frame rail next to radiator?
  11. aaron379

    Having trouble starting my deuce

    Today and a few other earlier days ive go out to my deuce and it crank about 5 seconds start then die crank 5 seconds the start and run fine..... about 3 days ago i hadnt started it in 2 days it cranked for about 15 seconds started then died then cranked for about 30 seconds the started and ran...
  12. aaron379

    Train horn mount

    So i got a leslie rs3-l supertyfon laying here in the shop thinking about putting it on my deuce where do my fellow deuce owners think i should mount them? i was going to mount them on top over the cab but i think ill rip them off on low hanging branches and so on.... i thought bout where the...
  13. aaron379


    Im thinking about making a coolant heater with car heater core and blower motor 24 to 12v reducer of course... building my box to put it all in mounting it under the hood on the drivers side knocking the knock out under the vent intake for in cab air draw instead of the cold outside air any...
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