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  1. Bill Nutting

    M series coil failures

    I don't know if this has been covered before, but My M37 distributor gets hot when running the truck slow. Like in a parade for example. On a hot day the coil gets too hot and quits. When I open the hood and let it cool down, it starts and runs again. The coils I have in stock are the chrome...
  2. Bill Nutting

    M37 Fuel pump, original or electric?

    My 66 year old fuel pump gave up. I would like some opinions on whether to rebuild, replace or abandon the mechanical pump and switch to an electric fuel pump?
  3. Bill Nutting

    M934 leaking front wheel lock in switch

    I just brought home a 1981 M934. The only issue we know of is there is gear lube leaking out of the "front wheel lock in switch". this is the switch on the dash that engages/disengages the front wheel drive. After driving it home 1000 miles we collected about 2 quarts of gear lube. I'm pretty...
  4. Bill Nutting

    Testing a thread

    This is a test
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