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  1. dirtyfingernails

    pimp my ride (er trailer?)

    Did some unnecessary fabrication today. Mounted a high-lift jack and ammo boxes to the trailer.
  2. dirtyfingernails

    M116A3 Flat to Box modification

    Modified my M116A3 to make it more useful behing the F250. Powerwashed it, bedlined it, painted it black, put sides on it, changed the tires and wheels to civy 17 inches load range E, put an old duece tool box on the frame rails and made a tailgate. Cheapy marker lights make a nice accent. I...
  3. dirtyfingernails

    M1102 behind a pickup

    Could someone post a photo of an M1102 behind a civy pickup truck? I am contemplating buying one of these trailers and want to see if it's a practical trailer for a 3/4 ton truck. These are shorter right? Do they tow well? Last question. Are these beginning to be released to the public in...
  4. dirtyfingernails

    M1008 tranny prob--rebuilds cheap?

    Got a lead on an M1008. Tranny is blown though. Would this be something I can have rebuilt by a shop reasonably or perhaps buy a rebuilt one from a parts store? I'm new to the CUCV. Just trying to figure out how much it would cost to be replaced.
  5. dirtyfingernails

    Who won the 1031 at Eglin AFB on GL?

    Anybody on here win that 1031 off GL at Eglin AFB in Florida? It looked like a nice rig.
  6. dirtyfingernails

    m116A3 flatbed converted to cargo

    I have two 116A3s. Both flatbeds. So, to make one more useful, I converted it to a cargo--very inexpensively. $30 in lumber, $20 in steel, $20 in fasteners. I plan to weld a drop tailgate with hardware cloth on it. Should be mighty handy.
  7. dirtyfingernails

    Speddmon's 003 oil filter adaptor

    Got my oil filter adaptor from Tom (Speddmon) and installed it today. It only took about 9 days to get it. I changed the oil in my genset this afternoon and installed the adaptor in about 3 minutes! Genset ran like a top as usual. This setup should make for easy oil changes! Thanks much...
  8. dirtyfingernails

    HMMWV directional tires right?

    Acquired a number of trailers (M116A3) on GL to get these HMMWV rims for my truck. All the tires are pointed in the same direction. I'm assuming they are a directional tire. Three questions: 1. Is the orientation correct in the photo labeled pass? 2. If I break down the rim, can I just flip...
  9. dirtyfingernails

    M116A3 put to work

    Building a shed and made a lumber run. The little trailer is perfect for this. Tows like a dream.
  10. dirtyfingernails

    Help with H1 purchase

    Off MV subject sort of, but. I am considering buying an H1 (the military HMMWV is too austere for me at my age--I need AC). My price range is under 50K. Preferably 40K. What do I need to look for? Are all Hummer H1s essentially the same? Will I have a difficult or impossible time finding...
  11. dirtyfingernails

    M1008 hub diameter

    Anybody know the exact diameter of the hub on an M1008? I need to know the diameter where the wheel mounts. In other words, what is the center wheel hole diameter? Are the front (dana 60) and rear (14 bolt) the same? Lastly, is the HMMWV wheel hole diameter the same?
  12. dirtyfingernails

    Hybrid question (HMMWV rims)

    Did the research and I understand that the HMMWV rims won't fit on the front Dana 60 of the M1008. Or on my K5 which has a Dana 60. However, I have crossover high steering and no need of the tire rod "seats" or 'arms' on the knuckles. Is this where the rub is--literally? If so, couldn't I just...
  13. dirtyfingernails

    Tire fitment

    Would Michelin XL tires (16 x 1100) fit on a CUCV rim? I believe those rims are 7.5 inches wide. Anybody have pics of such a set up?
  14. dirtyfingernails

    Carrier bearing part number Dana 60

    Anybody know the part number for the carrier bearings of a M1008 Dana 60? I got a locker and need to install new bearings. Sure would like to get them before tearing into it. Thanks.
  15. dirtyfingernails

    Custom MEP003 trailer from trash

    Excess parts from a M104 genset trailer. I got the tongue, axle, tires, and all the small parts. I bought some box steel to make a little trailer that would hold my extra Mep003. So far it's coming along well. I still need to bolt a tie-in plate between the tongue and frame. It measures...
  16. dirtyfingernails

    M1008 steering stop bolts

    The stop bolts on my "M1008" front axle are not of equal length. The driver's side is 1.5 inches extended, and the passenger's side is 0.75 inches. If I pull the bolts out and turn right as far as I can, the knuckle will only get to within 1.5 inches of the axle housing. But, if I turn it left...
  17. dirtyfingernails

    part number for dana 60 caliper?

    Anybody know the part number for the M1008 front caliper replacement?
  18. dirtyfingernails

    Got stupid--bent stuff

    I got my blazer stuck on concrete debris in a ravine couple weekends ago. I never made it to the end of the trail. Ended up backing out-limping home. Anyway, the truck drifts right pretty hard now. If I don't hold the wheel left--it will go right. I noticed when I got home that the steering...
  19. dirtyfingernails

    Nice video

    I apologize if this has been posted before, but I ran across it this evening. I sure liked it. Steve
  20. dirtyfingernails

    Master cylinder help

    Got a new master cylinder for my Blazer. Routed hoses from the ports into the reservoirs to bench bleed it. When I pushed the piston in, fluid would spurt out of the closest reservior hole (the one in at the bottom of the reservoir). I pumped that thing for 30 minutes and no change. The front...
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