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    LMTV working at the mine

    I helped a large, local coal operation locate and acquire the LMTV a few years ago. 2015 I think it was. They originally wanted it as a inexpensive "parts runner" on the job. They had always bought Ford cab and chassis F-350's before and put a flat bed on them. The guys would ruin them in less...
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    Curiosity on truck with HET platform

    I do not remember exactly how I came across this truck, I think maybe I was googling 24 volt a/c systems? Anyway, I see this truck with what seemingly is sporting a HET DP winch platform. Anyone know of this vehicle? I'm sure it is not a U.S. MV. Dave
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    HET tow truck

    I came across this HET today at a local towing company. I asked for permission for the pictures. They have a second HET that they are getting ready to start converting over as well.
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    My HET project

    Well, the weather has been getting a little nicer here in West Virgiia and it makes me want to do things to my trucks. This is a project I had thought about for a month or so for my M1070. I wanted to add a stereo, CB and (I dont know why but) a scanner. I had a new Clarion marine stereo laying...
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    Today's posts

    When I try to view " Today's posts" all I get is a page of random script. Probably men's something to a computer savvy person but not me. Lol. I've tried logging out and ack in with no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave
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    Early HET Christmas

    Well, my green obsession finally convinced myself to find me a HET. Located one from a private individual and made a couple trips to inspect it. It's a 1997, the only thing I found wrong with it is the small 3k lb winch was removed. Owner said it came from auction that way. So, I guess I'll...
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    Covered M1102

    I needed a covered trailer for an upcoming work project and decided one of my M1102's would be the perfect choice. Still gotta mount the spare tire carrier on the front in replacement of the Jerry can holder. Will post more pictures afterwards. Dave
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    M1082 trailer

    I got to try out my M1082 trailer yesterday. Pulls great and straight.
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