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  1. hunderliggur

    Rejuvenate 6TMF battery

    Well, after I drained the front battery by leaving the lights on all day it won't recharge. I got a $70 charger from AutoZone that detects a performs desulfurization (Schumacher SpeedCharge SSC-1500A) put it on last night and it has charged from 12.3 at starting to 12.6 now (without the charger...
  2. hunderliggur

    Deuce light switch overheat?

    Driving to PA from MD yesterday and the three level light switch became intermittent after 1 1/2 hours of driving. It would flash twice for a turn then shut off. I was running with all my lights on but when it shutoff no lights works at all. After about an hour of being off it would flash 4...
  3. hunderliggur

    Lower clearance with tire pressure? M35A2

    I have searched and searched, read the TM, exhausted Google, and can't find an answer. About how much could I expect to lower the cab height of the top of a M35A2 hardtop by reducing tire pressure? I need to get it in my garage for at least one picture. I have 93" without removing the trim. I...
  4. hunderliggur

    New home for Lucy

    Lucy arrived at my house today courtesy of Dudley (atankersdad). I promise to take good care of her. I could not get insurance bound in time so I won't be on the road until early next week. Plenty to do in the mean time, like working out a center seat (she has two spring seats now) and I have...
  5. hunderliggur

    M1009 Generator

    Hooked up my M1009 to supplement my 600w solar panels to charge a 24V battery bank. Batteries are running a 4000W inverter to run most of the house during a power outage. Clear skies, no wind, no nothing, but the power is out anyway.and yes, the is a 24V jumper cable to a NATO plug on the shed.
  6. hunderliggur

    DC to Dayton (and maybe Findlay)

    I am planning on heading out to Dayton on Thursday for the Amateur Radio "Hamvention" - the Mecca of Amateur Radio :) I drive my M1009 100+ miles a day already, Dayton is only 500 miles away. It only has 35K miles on it and was just restored this winter by 82ABNMP (great job David). I would...
  7. hunderliggur

    M1009 CUCV Civvy Radio

    Just ordered a civilian radio for my new to me M1009. I ordered the Jensen JMS2212 which can flat mount the control head to the radio mount on the dash. Radio/amplifier under the passenger seat (along with my 24V/600W inverter) I can add the output of my amateur radio to the aux input so I can...
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