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  1. Varyag

    pinion seal

    Any tips on getting the castle nut off the pinion? I swear they welded that thing on. Shouting obscenities at it doesn't appear to work either.
  2. Varyag

    M4 Sherman Hull on Farm

    So today me and my wife went to go look at an old sherman one of the locals want to sell. He described it as a hull without turret. So, I figure that I'll bite and check it out. The hull is the lower hull. It was chopped at the fenders. The road wheels are in good shape and all of the return...
  3. Varyag

    Nato v

    I found the NATO V under a couple layers of paint on my 1009. What are the chances this was a Desert Storm truck? The thought of it makes me want to go tan with the paint job.
  4. Varyag

    Green Disease m1009

    I did it, a new member to the herd. I am going up on Friday morning to pick her up barring anything catastrophic. I can't believe I found a completely rust free one for as little as I did. It has been completely serviced, new injector pump, new injectors, glow plugs, 12v conversion, new...
  5. Varyag

    Here is a N00blet question

    Do m105a2s and m35a2s use the same break pads?
  6. Varyag

    Pimary Filter Housing Removal

    I am having a **** of a time removing the housing from the primary fuel filter. I have read up on it and I can't find anywhere you can get a 1 inch wrench on. I have tried spinning the whole body off and broke my filter wrench trying. Is there something I am missing? I can see where it would...
  7. Varyag

    G286 Tire Swap

    So I finally am doing my g286 tire swap. Blew up a bottle jack in the process and ruined my BII handle for the lug wrench but it is moving along. I was motivated by the other thread to finally get it done. I took them to the local tire shop and they took the tires off the howitzer rims and put...
  8. Varyag

    Dish Out

    I am getting ready to single out my Deuce and hate the look of the flipped hubs and the rears not dished out. Is there any neg to not flipping the hubs and dishing the wheels in? I see the guys running 395 running like this all the time and can't figure out why it would be bad for the truck...
  9. Varyag

    Heater Fittings

    I am installing my heater tonight and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the size and thread of the fittings you have to install in the side of the water pump and the water manifold. I need to pick it up tonight but left the fittings at home this morning... :neutral: Also, about how much...
  10. Varyag

    M37? GMC combo?

    Found this close by and was wondering what this is. It appears to be an m37 cab on a CCKW. What do you think?
  11. Varyag

    G286 tires on a deuce

    I just got a pile of these tires (goodyear G286s) and am thinking of mounting them on a few spare rims I have and trying them out on my deuce. Right now they are on 0 off-set howie rims with the standard 10 on 5 bolt pattern. Now I have read a ton of threads from a while back on how some...
  12. Varyag

    Deuce Battery Box

    My battery box is pretty bad but I have caught it before it got too rough. I spent a long time scrubbing out the flakes and rot and would like to know what you guys use as a rust stabilizer. On a side note, while doing this I was using a 6k civy genset powering a 30 gallon compressor powering...
  13. Varyag

    I Won a 105!!

    Wooooo! I didn't think I would get it but I did. 377 bucks ain't bad at all.
  14. Varyag

    VIC-1 Install

    Well, finally installed the VIC-1 system I ordered. I used a mt1029 radio mount under the passenger bench for power, and then the standard AM1780 amp with 2 crew stations. I plan on adding 2 more to the system once I get the parts. It worked out pretty well. My deuce is a soft top so I didn't...
  15. Varyag

    CVC Lower Cable

    Does anyone have any idea where I could pick up a couple spaghetti cables that connect a CVC to a VIC-1 system? I have been looking everywhere and can't find them.
  16. Varyag


    Do any of you m54a2 drivers have the exact dimensions on the cargo bed? On that note, does anyone have the exact dimensions on the m146 trailer? See where I am going with this?
  17. Varyag

    Ring mount legs

    I got a set of ring mount legs after the PNW convoy last weekend for 25 bucks each :jumpin:but they seem a bit short. The long one is 57 inches long and the short 47 inches. Is this normal? Also I want to mount them to hold a dummy 50 made into a water cannon I am building. I am just going to...
  18. Varyag

    Deuce Portrait

    My wife's hobby is photography so the deuce got a little special treatment. This was after the parade this weekend.
  19. Varyag

    LMTV top on my Deuce

    So, I got this great LMTV top with full cage from Gimpy today and I putting the thing together and notice a few things seem great but are a bit off. Anyone have an LMTV tm who could scan me in the assembly instructions? I am bolting square tubing to the uprights at the corners to make the slots...
  20. Varyag

    Parade In My Town

    We have a small Armed Forces Day/May Day parade in my town every year. I just got the deuce done with the rebuild/repaint so I thought I would show it off. I think there will be a few more deuces in my town soon. Had a lot of people asking me how to get one including the local fire Dept.
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