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  1. Jericho

    M915 cab

    looking for a rust free M 915 cab I have the cummins big cam 400 and the 16 speed cat trans, BUT a classic rust belt cab. A stripped cab is fine, mine is intact just a fred flintstone floor ! Looking for a good solid cab in the northeast area please respond here of to
  2. Jericho

    M 416 Trailer Tub

    does any one remember the name of the company making replacement M 416 tubs they were ABOUT 900$
  3. Jericho

    winter has ended, putting battereies back in five ton.

    thanks in advance brain dead hooking batteries back in my M931A2 I run a two 1000 cca group 31 set negative to battery one, , NEG post , POS lead on battery one to NEG post on battery two . POS post on battery two to ( positive) load SLAVE CABLE neg to ground BUT...
  4. Jericho


    Just caught some AZ news in the far north east, They were talking about a drowning in high water in Gila County then it panned to an LMTV on a roll back and inferred it was the truck involved. Hope no one was attempting a high water crossing in it High volume cross flow water is well known...
  5. Jericho

    what cordless tool are you using to get your lug nuts off

    Just a quick survey. What cordless impacts do you find are powerfull enough to remove lug nuts, brand ,size, battery voltage ?
  6. Jericho

    M 931 A2 Tractor and 50 ish foot fuel trailer conumdrum

    Heres a head scratcher, iam at a stop here. Recovering a 2014 rebuild 931A2 tractor and attached fuel tanker, Tanker is new never even had fuel in it Tractor has set since 2016 with the trailer attached , Got it running, wasn't too bad! runs nice, pulled tractor and trailer ahead 100 feet or...
  7. Jericho

    Thank you

    A big thank you to all the five ton guys and gals Simp in particular was always quick to respond and followed up, I recently had an AIR problem, classic Air sound in the stack , intermittent horn, although wipers always worked. As a final straw front wheel drive interlock switch (lever)...
  8. Jericho

    ARP HEAD bolts for the M 38 Part number anyone ?

    thanks up front for even looking fellas and ladies , Friend of mine has an M 38 , been having head gasket problems all summer, Has the head off to get it squared up, Looking for a part number for head retention hardware preferably ARP hardware. any one out there install ARP in their M 38 Andy
  9. Jericho

    5 ton, M 931A2, prime from zero fuel !!!

    Hi guys and gals, just thought I would drop a bit of info that helped me. Changed all my filters oil, fuel, Trans ect, Noticed when I took the large Fuel filter housing down to change the element ( the one just inside the drivers side fender opening, RIGHT UNDER YOUR FEET. The housing has...
  10. Jericho

    Big Thank you

    I posted a wanted for some alt conversions a couple of days ago, the response was overwelfat lady singsmingly good, Thank you guys and gals, I have ordered one for my 5 ton and still deciding on the 109 , will sort thru them this week end , Andy
  11. Jericho

    24 volt 5 ton alt conversion

    Hello ladies and gents have looked high and low for the steel Soldier who has the standard civvy 24 volts alt conversion kits for the M 931A2 serpentine belt, Want the whole kit alt, brackets, pulley . Have tried for weeks to order one from Wolverine, but never get any further than his answering...
  12. Jericho

    Centramatic Tire balancers

    Any body tried running Centramatic Balance rings on the 5 ton. Looking at them as a possible cure for my wobbly moment at 43 t0 47 mph. Any one have a part number for them or the wheel lug pattern specs ? Price seems reasonable roughly $200 for a steer wheel set .
  13. Jericho

    Ham Radio and military gear

    M 38 in Maine provoked thought for me and I finally retook the expired exams for my Ham radio Tech class, did well , lots of study material available and no more MORSE , also took the general on a whim. Looking back it was long overdue (30 plus years) Cant recommend it enough, Great group of...
  14. Jericho

    4Ao32 Standard engine powered genset CARBURATOR rebuild kit source

    The 4A032 and a couple of other standard engines use the same carb, a zenith 13260 , it was coded XB3 so it was non accountable and throw away hence no repair . They seemed to have dried up and the last two I bought, ran no better then the ones I had, Dried up and perished seals and the ever...
  15. Jericho

    M 109A3 head studs/bolts

    Any one have a good ARP number for head bolts/studs , got a small gasket leak, may as well change the head studs , Any recommendation for "the Best " gaskets to use. Thanks !!!
  16. Jericho

    M 931A2 no START after vacation , will have you in stitches

    Don't take a VACATION and leave your MVs in the your yard!!!! Recently went on vaca for ten days , returned to find a friend had attempted to start my M 931A2, He got it started but got scared and couldn't figure out how to shut it down. I had left little fuel in the tanks and opened the...
  17. Jericho

    five ton shutterstat air leak?

    Have been chasing air leaks for a month. Only stupid question is the one you don't ask. Any one know of a source for the shutter stat O rings thanks s in advance Andy and his bottle of leak tech
  18. Jericho

    Air ride seats in M 931 A2

    I had posted a like thread about the Fifth Wheel hauler I am building, But here are the pics and a blow by blow for the seat installation, First thing out was the passenger seat and BATTERY BOX. I needed a smaller box ,decided to go down to TWO batteries , So I torch wrenched the box to the...
  19. Jericho

    Shakein shimmy in the front on M 931 A2

    Gents, Ladies. Have a shake and back and fourth shimmy in the front of my 931 A2 , starts about 40 ish , goes away most of the time by 50 /55 makes the steering feel really "LIGHT" , no doubt likely one of three things? 1, bad wheel bearing , HUM. 2, alignment, UMM , 3. or unbalanced tire...
  20. Jericho

    Fifth wheel hauler

    Hey Guys and Gals, looking for some battle hard , butt sore advice, I have a M 931A2 that I am setting it up as toy hauler, Need some direction on a good quality , flip down arm rests, AIR suspension , power adjustable, high backed with head rest, big rig seats, I know it sounds like I already...
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