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  1. frank8003

    Spindle nut

    many upgrades are for safety HECK WHAT DO I know ..................... I would compare. All the engineering specifications between, one to the other The world is at your feet considering .....................the differences You already got it made but hen.. I are ikd..
  2. frank8003

    Nuts in intake, brave squirrel!

    Nuts in intake, brave squirrel! NIce place out of the weather to sleep. Raise some young, go about business Hey, You were not using it, somebody should. Was the mushroom cap off, I don't understand how she got in there.
  3. frank8003

    Looking For Hmmwv Fifthwheel Trailer

    or a packhorse fifth wheel packhorse not silver eagle
  4. frank8003

    Looking For Hmmwv Fifthwheel Trailer

    3500 for the hitch
  5. frank8003

    Looking For Hmmwv Fifthwheel Trailer

    silver Eagle fifth wheel
  6. frank8003

    New Purchase Globe 10 ton trailer

    see page 38 in attached
  7. frank8003

    HMMWV Oil Pump Bent

    Is it not brazed tubing and has a stay bolt ? Original design is to have face up pickup 1/2" off of bottom of oil pan? Yes the question pertains. Is in the engine rebuild manual-TM
  8. frank8003

    3000LMT Water Purification Unit

    ME TOO
  9. frank8003

    Crane Ideas?

    I have that to but it is just easier to not state what I do.
  10. frank8003

    M39 M51A2 Dump Fording Setup Photo?

    Open the TM PDF with a computer. When PDF is open then click Ctrl and f at the same time and a search box comes up top right type fording in there or even ford One does not have to labor scrolling thru an entire TM One can search the entire document with a few keystrokes The search...
  11. frank8003

    Crane Ideas?

    There is a 3/4" alumina plate underneath, all I had at the time but is T6, largest surface area I could get in there, pretty big , stainless thru bolts.
  12. frank8003

    hmmwv ambulance body

    M997A3 HMMWV at $286K each $285K each...
  13. frank8003

    Crane Ideas?

    Hey, I just had had to move little stuff........... Tire Wheels at 178 pounds way too much for me to throw around.
  14. frank8003

    hmmwv ambulance body We like pitchers...................
  15. frank8003

    Navy 5 ton, shovel mount?

    What you do not see in the photos is the 3/4" Thor connections to the 3/4" line to the tool. Golly I can dump some air quick.
  16. frank8003

    Navy 5 ton, shovel mount?

    Well it is now named. Never did know what to call it. I had these desiccant filled instrument air tanks those idiots put in the dumpster. I built it to dump a huge amount of compressed 125PSIG air into my one inch impact but then never need it. I used a little harbor fright compressor to fill...
  17. frank8003

    Transfer case shifting

    Oh, Gee Whiuzzy, what TM are we working with HERENEREW?
  18. frank8003

    WTH, Found a tank today.

    due diligence and then get her!
  19. frank8003

    FMTV pulls down a house

    Would be more fun with a 52 year old Deuce
  20. frank8003

    Generator Tool Box Needed

    True, search google for MEP-804B Fermont genset to find the guy with 20 of the gensets/trailers and ask him to sell a toolbox you want.
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