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  1. frank8003

    Surviving halftracks

    There is many more than shown here
  2. frank8003

    Conversations, how to find mine?

    A few days before today 01122021 I had a conversation with an SS member about old magazines I would give. Well now I can not find that conversation. It is important as He gave me his mailing address and I need it. I read it and closed it and now can't find it. They used to be "private messages"...
  3. frank8003

    posting links to YouTube

    Is it possible to post a Youtube link without having it show up as a big picture of the youtube? As in posting just the link.....
  4. frank8003

    Generator to charge vehicles, Hummer Ford Tesla Volt

    The future and now. I seek which would be best MEP generator to charge Hummer, Ford, Tesla, Volt, Bolt, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Dodge, and a large number of other vehicles. Only one at a time, I only need one. So when the utility company power is gone I will need a generator, sounds silly...
  5. frank8003

    R.I.P.--Chuck Yeager

    With all that He did He made it thru 35,727 days....... General Yeager was blessed with having unusually sharp vision (a visual acuity rated 20/10)
  6. frank8003

    Load a tank, oops
  7. frank8003

    Electric robot tank Ripsaw M5

    robots are here
  8. frank8003

    Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle AMPV

    Replaces M113
  9. frank8003

    227 Challengers and 388 Warriors

    scrap them?
  10. frank8003

    members map

    OK I gave up I know We got them Where the heck is the members map?
  11. frank8003

    USMC the end of the tanks
  12. frank8003

    two cylinder generator

    Just wondering if in the coming years this thing would be adapted to run the house, It is a generator
  13. frank8003

    Is "start a conversation" same as "Private message?"

    I put a pay it forward ad 02272020, ACKCARUS replied He wants it, so I sent a "start a conversation." I think I sent him a message 04022020, No reply ever that I can find. I made notes in that "pay it forward" listing. CHIEFSONN replied 04242020 so I sent Him a "start a conversation" and again...
  14. frank8003

    Is that the LAST new one, Holy Cow
  15. frank8003

    Deuce piston invention continues to evolve

    Spherical turbulation Just keeps getting better since original idea. Is it only the multifuel diesel does not clatter? Four set of rings.
  16. frank8003

    OOPS fault when leaving member feedback 02202020

    attempted to leave feedback for royalflush55 quite a few times and is nogo with an OOPS maybe you do it. Here is feedback seller frank800 buyer royalflush55 royalflush55 drove almost 3700 miles round trip to get good stuff. Cabinet, Vise, tools, SS steel, arbor press, etc. that no one else...
  17. frank8003

    Your generator is on the way by CH-47

    Your generator is on the way Anything one would need is brought to you but You have to be in Harms Way.
  18. frank8003

    1949 Bell 47D1 N5167V Sioux
  19. frank8003


    It is on the way. Fact is been working for quite a while. Here is more........
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