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  1. tm america

    New toy recovery and a few questions?

    Yesteryday Me and Nathan -eagle4g63 took a ride down to kipman's place to pick up a m35a2.It turned out to be a long day.. We left out at 7 am and got down to kips around 3pm we hooked up the tow bar and got loaded up .We hit the road for the long slow ride home..We ended up pulling back into my...
  2. tm america

    Rear main seal leak fix?

    So we get a m1009 in the shop to do a flywheel.. i swap the flywheel ..It had no leaks when it came in.. My boss raod tests it when he notices it isn't shifting right so he pulls the air cleaner and checks the vacum tps where he notices it wasn't hooked up so he hooks it up and road tests it...
  3. tm america

    A3 alt brackets..

    Hey Guys I'm gonna start making some 24 volt upgrade alt brackets for the a3 as well as 12 volt add on kit for the a3.. I'm gonna start working on them next week.. If anyone has decent picks of the engine bay with any add on kits that might have came on them i would really appreciate you posting...
  4. tm america

    Deuce multifuel fuel pressure spec?

    I have been searching my manuals for about an hour.i have done a search and no luck.. I'm needing a fuel pressure spec for a multifuel .. or reference to a chart ... Any help would be much appreciated..
  5. tm america

    Best place to buy a unimog 404?

    I have been interested in getting a 404 for a while now.I know i want to get a german -nato unimog 404 with the dropside bed. Problem is most of the ones i see in the states guys have removed and made different beds. I have seen a couple places that sell them in germany and europe. HAs anyone...
  6. tm america

    deuce stencil-art work.

    So i finally got my cnc plasma table up and running and one of the first things i decided to make was a deuce.. Tell me what you think .. I did a kind of generic rendering that can easily be resized . Five minutes drawing 1.5 to cut it out .. gotta love cnc.
  7. tm america

    melted multifuel?

    I know there are several blow up multifuel engines out there.. i have seen them with blown head gaskets, thrown rods and holes in the block..But has anyone melted the pistons in a multi?I have my fuel turned up probably more than i should as i'm sure many others have done in the past.. But i...
  8. tm america

    Wth?Deuce making to much power?

    I was driving home from work today and going up a little hill so i pushed the go pedal....And something changed... I'm guessing something with the injection pump...The truck took off like crazy pulling hard to 70mph up hill? The boost gage spun around past 40psi and actually broke the needle...
  9. tm america

    going price for 11.00s?

    I"m looking to get a set of 11.00 xls for my my truck..Anyone know the going price near the mid west and who has them?I might even be interested in 11.00 ndts?
  10. tm america

    Removing rear diff. the easy way

    while working on my new trailer i made i needed to find an easy way to remove the rear diffs without removing the whole axle..This is what i came up with it worked great..I ran a thick peice of angle iron on top of the bed frame rails from side to side. Then attached the snatch block of my come...
  11. tm america

    My new removable hitch..

    After getting stuck several times due to my fixed hitch hanging to low i wanted to make it removable but still be able to pull 10000lbs safely.So this what i came up with.It is 2.5x2.5id 1/4wall tube for for the reciever-up tube and 2x2id 1/4wall tube that runs side to side.The pieces that run...
  12. tm america

    my version of big dumb trailer?

    I've been parting out a m35a2c.Didn't feel like scrapping the frame so i decided to make a trailer out of it ..this is just the beginning of it.In the end it will have a m109 box installed backwards so the doors are to the front ..Where the gas tank was will be my generator. Fuel tank will be...
  13. tm america

    tow bar feet?

    I'm gonna be picking up a parts truck this in the next few weeks .i need med tow bar feet.I have a tow bar but mine has the heavy feet. if anyone knows where i could buy some or if someone has a set to lend me to do this recovery.i would pay to have them shipped and a little more .i can borrow...
  14. tm america

    in cab heater

    i'm wanting to move my heater into the cab like on the a3 . my question is when they do this is the heater box bolted to the firewall or to the dash supports that go just under the glove box.i want to move it inside so it will work better and free up some space under the hood making it easier to...
  15. tm america

    15.5 spare on deuce (pics)

    well i finally got around to putting my spare under took a little to do it but nothing major.i had to let the air out of it . then i had to cut the lip off the tool box bracket and beat the rear of the tool box in about a half inch.and i had to twist it towards the outside then lock it...
  16. tm america

    15.5- 395 spare in stock location

    after all this talk of front mounted spares or how to get a spare in the bed i was looking at my truck to see what it would take to fit the spare in the stock location.and as best i can see so far it looks close.stock 9.00 is 40inches tall and 15.5s are 46inches tall that means lust 3inches each...
  17. tm america

    deuce vs excavator

    well just got back from flipping a 40000lb excavator back onto its tracks with the went pretty smooth only thing i broke was the last link that hold the chain to the cable so i used a clevis to hold the cable back to my truck i used two 3-4 inch cables to go over the tracks and to the...
  18. tm america

    deuce on police tow

    well i get home tonight and my friend calls me that does police tows for lake county and hobart .hobart was doing a police tow on a truck that decided to get stuck in the forrest preserve so they thought they could get it with thier wreckers........:roll: ah not they ha four medium wreckers and...
  19. tm america

    m105 camper

    has anyone made a camper out of a m105 i jumbled something together last year for haspin but was thinkin of making something a little more permanent out of it i want to keep it stock looking on the outside.any different floor plans idea or ideas of thing i could feasably fit in there would be...
  20. tm america

    multi fuel smoke out

    so i'm driving my truck today going to pull out a stuck pick up truck.and i look in the mirror and i can barely see the cars behind me and get worried did i blow my engine finally:?:then i remembered i am running mostly waste oil right now and did realize it would smoke that much more with waste...
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