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  1. Postman515

    Looking For Hmmwv Fifthwheel Trailer

    ISO Of Hmmwv Fifthwheel Trailer Like One Pictured
  2. Postman515

    Hmmwv FHT Gooseneck Trailer

    Anybody have one or know of one?
  3. Postman515

    Anybody Doing Chambersburg Pa Pickups?

    Anybody Doing Chambersburg Pa Pickups?
  4. Postman515

    Fayetteville NC Pickup

    Need someone to pickup one crate 50" x 50" x36" at Fayetteville NC & Drop Off At LTL Freight Terminal Thanks Alan
  5. Postman515

    service body in Ga I Need brought to Illinois

    I have a service body in Ga I Need brought to Illinois
  6. Postman515

    2 Man Softop Gun Truck HMMWV??

    Anyone Ever Seen One Like This? Thanks
  7. Postman515

    Custom Ex-Navy Lowboy

    Finally got the lowboy cleaned off and pulled out of shed
  8. Postman515

    Sending a truck from Illinois to Fort Drum NY. Anybody along route need anything?

    Sending a truck from Illinois to Fort Drum NY. Anybody along route need anything? Thanks alan 217-430-3612
  9. Postman515

    Need Drash Picked Up Colorado Delivered to Illinois

    Need a drash Ecu trailer hauled from Colorado to illinois. Also have some parts to go back to Colorado. thanks alan
  10. Postman515

    MUtt Wheel??

    is this a mutt wheel and how do you tell if it's the magnesium one? Weighs 26# in the box.
  11. Postman515

    What is this wheel? M151?

    WHat is this wheel?
  12. Postman515

    What is this connector?

    Anybody know what this connector fits? Thanks.
  13. Postman515

    Will Combat Wheels work on the older M915 Trucks like the M917 and M920

    Will 5 ton combat wheels work on the older M915 trucks specifically the M917 & M920? Thanks
  14. Postman515

    1 Pallet Lockbourne OH

    Need someone to pickup one pallet from Lockbourne Ohio and store for a couple weeks until I can get it picked up. Prefer between Ohio and Illinois. Thanks Alan
  15. Postman515

    Illinois to Maryland

    Illinois to Maryland PickUp A M920 Heading from Illinois to Maryland with a pickup truck. Will be coming back to Illinois with a semi and trailer. Any suggestions or anything to avoid? Would prefer not to pay a fortune in tolls. Thanks.
  16. Postman515

    Cargo Covers For M730 Guided Missile Carrier(M113 Variant)

    I have some NOS Canvas covers for a M730 Guided missile carrier. Looked it up and it says its a m113 variant. Didn't know if these covers would fit the M113. They measure 15' Long x 10' wide plus the flaps.
  17. Postman515

    Hattiesberg Miss. to Illinois

    Looking at maybe getting 15 or so Supersingles from CSM Davis. If anybody in the Illinois area is thinking about going down there or someone wants to haul them this direction let me know. I'm in Western Illinois. Thanks
  18. Postman515

    Indy to Illinois Recovery

    Picked up a nice m923a1 out of Indy! 2008 rebuild with new Nhc 250 motor.New batteries installed.Fluids checked/topped off, tires aired up and have 70 miles under my belt.
  19. Postman515

    Anybody know this mwo 09 002

    I can't find anything on this one and haven't had it on any other trucks
  20. Postman515

    Anybody Bought A Truck Off The Auction With Dexron In Tranny?

    Bought a m931a2 off the auction that already had the tranny fluid converted over to Dexron. Also has a red dipstick handle. Just curious if anybody else has seen this?
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