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  1. 02smokemaker

    My new deuce build "FIONA"

    Hello all, I purchased a 1970 AM GENERAL M35A2 recently. This is going to be a build thread as I go. It is in relatively good condition. It has 13k was rebuilt in 88. The PO did a craptastic paint job the wrong color shade and installed a 20k winch half way. It has a leaking radiator and...
  2. 02smokemaker

    Which winch

    Hello all, I need the advise of the collective. My new to me m35 has a 20k winch that the previous owner partially installed. This thing is massive. The problem for me is size, weight and the fact that the pto is on the wrong side. I can install a high torque planetary gear hydraulic motor to...
  3. 02smokemaker

    M135 build thread

    Hello all! I'm going to start this thread now,might be some slow going at first but I promise the end result will be worth it! I'm going to say sorry to all the purists now! This is going to be a build I want to do. For the most part the whole truck will be as delivered. Except for the...
  4. 02smokemaker

    Hardtop compatibility

    Will a m35a2 hardtop fit a m135? Thanks Sent from my SM-N930P using Tapatalk
  5. 02smokemaker

    New M135 owner checking in.

    Hello all! I've been a lurker on here for a while and now finally scored my first duece! It's a 1952 M135 s/n 5076 Navy truck?( maybe not found od under blue) It has 38k on the speedo with no rebuild tags! This truck was found in the back of a abandoned warehouse where it had sat for about 25-30...
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