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  1. Scarecrow1

    Two male plugins on a fuel sending unit.

    I went to replace my fuel sending unit today and discovered a problem . The plug from the wiring harness has a male plug on the end of it and so does the plug on the sending unit . My old fuel gage on the dash stopped working last year and clouded up so I bought a new one and installed it...
  2. Scarecrow1

    Losing air need Assistance

    As the title said I was at The SC meet and greet last week and was told by two friends (Later) that they heard air hissing from under the hood. I am half deaf from to many years behind the wheels of a UPS truck so I had to build up the pressure and cut the power and sit beside the engine on the...
  3. Scarecrow1

    Need to know if anyone ever used a MK-14 4 x4 container hauler behind a 5 ton 923A1

    Well the title said it all. I have the chance to buy a descent Mk-14 4x4 container hauler . I want to know if it is possible to use this model with my 923A1 . Most trailers just don't have the height to look right behind it . I don't need it just want it :) Thanks for any help on this subject.....
  4. Scarecrow1

    Troop seats or hardware for a 923

    I am rebuilding my 923 and it doesn't have any troop seats . I am in Florence, SC And a friend and fellow SS member has one troop seat from a Deuce. The wood is bad but, it has the hardware . If anyone has a set of seats or hardware close to me I am interested in them. The hardware should be the...
  5. Scarecrow1

    Out of balance ???

    I picked up and drove my 923A1 several hundred miles home last week. I was very pleased with it's overall handling ,but it was not possible to keep it a smooth ride at some speeds .There was one time when I thought there was a flat tire .What I was wondering was is it possible to balance the...
  6. Scarecrow1

    SS members what do you think ?

    Hi guys and gals. I have been a member here for a few years and have had the pleasure of meeting many fine people on here . So your opinion is very important to me . I have also been a member of the Patriot Guard Riders for a little under a year . For those of you who don't know this group it is...
  7. Scarecrow1

    My trailer is home at last

    Well this was a very fun day for me and my son . We left out at about six oclock AM from Florence SC and headed for The GL yard in Richmond VA . Traffic was much better than I had feared due to the holiday weekend . It was easy to find the yard and everyone was very nice and helpful .I was...
  8. Scarecrow1

    SC DMV Ok,s 5ton

    For a while the question I've been asking Is could the 5 ton MV be driven without a CDL in SC . So you would think someone would know weather that it included anything , such as a cargo or a tractor or any other 5 ton MV. This wasn't so easy to find out, so I set out on the quest to find the...
  9. Scarecrow1

    If your running TWC with turbo boost

    HI I'm not sure how to post this, but here it goes. If you are paying for high speed internet with turbo boost you may not be getting it . I had bad and madning computer problem for much of the last month or so, many things that aren't related to the norm,, so I picked up a new computer ...
  10. Scarecrow1

    Can this be right ????

    I am looking to pick up a trailer soon so I was in the research stage. Better known as window shopping I have an SUV with a pintle hitch,so I can pull it home . The next point to think about is the weight . So I checked the 3/4 ton M101A1 it's weight is Est 3,160 lbs, ok so I look up the...
  11. Scarecrow1

    Have ever noticed

    I was looking to trade some things I no longer need are use, so the game was on. You know the one, if not you will one day, we all learn this one. When Its yours regardless of how good it's condition is or how much it cost it's not as good as the something he has to trade . OK to make it simple...
  12. Scarecrow1

    When is a price too high

    The other day I came across an item, well Items I decided to bid on. So I did the math on what was to be a ceiling price that I could make some money and still keep some of the items. The bidding was going fine so I decided to check the shipping and packaging cost, considering it was it was...
  13. Scarecrow1

    The M35A3 Just looking at one

    Hi everyone I know I'm new, but please help if you can. I am following the sale of several M35,s And was supprised to see a 1993 M35A3 cargo truck with a automatic trans and a caterpillar engine. Have these earned the same rep as the legends before them? It dosen't have the multi fuel...
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