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  1. Matt1970M35A

    M146 from NC to lower IN

    Just bought a M146 form GL out of Fort Bragg NC and need to get it out of the Gl lot for a few weeks until I can come and get it or pay some one to haul it to Indiana.
  2. Matt1970M35A

    A gift of a life time.

    It started out the first day of the 39th annual MVPA convention. I am a member of the hosting club Kilroy chapter so on move in day I drove a lot of different trucks and little jeep things. It was a lot of fun to get to drive a lot of MV's in a single day but nothing else compared to the XM221...
  3. Matt1970M35A

    Clinto No Longer Broke Down,Thanks for the Help

    Im posting this for Clinto. His trailer hub has locked up and he needs to fix it on site or load his trailer on a trailer and haul it all home. he is around sparta ky and Vevay In. He is heading to Ohio
  4. Matt1970M35A

    Question on coolant heater

    I have a coolant heater that Im trying to get running. Have not found any TM s on it so im in the dark. I tried to run it to day. The blower is running and the fuel heater is glowing orange. It puts out a gray smoke and the outer case will get very hot but the water is cold and the exhaust port...
  5. Matt1970M35A

    2013 Haspin Rally Parts Thread

    Any one have a 5 ton air filter rain cap button thing? And a spair tire lift arm for a M-813 just need the top part. And a springer seat base or complet.
  6. Matt1970M35A

    M813 Loadout

    I just won a M813 from GL. It was listed as not running. Ive been going over the TMs to find a possible answer. I have not seen the truck yet other then GL pics. I'm betting just a dead battery. This will be my first 5 ton recovery. Any ideas for a good and safe recovery? Ill have a ton of tools...
  7. Matt1970M35A

    1943 Le\Roi genset

    Just got my genset home. It took all day to move it just 30 miles. It came from an old air port and was used as backup power for the runway lights. Its hasent run in years. It still turns over with the hand crank. Oil looks good and has 10 gallons of fuel AVgas in the tank. I hope by having fuel...
  8. Matt1970M35A

    s280 shelter removal

    Well I finely got my s280 shelter self removeable. I had many ideas on how to do this but this was easy and one person could remove and install the shelter on the truck.
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