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    Winch Lubrication Level

    Hi all, I have a 1991 A2 with a poorly functioning winch. How much lubrication oil should be in the frame side of the winch reservoir? The Lubrication order is unclear of the oil capacity. It looks to me that this oil level should be quite high. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Air Dryer Alternative

    Hi all, I have a 1991 A2 with the ABS sisten and all. I have the Haldex N50011F air dryer. It tends to stick open sometimes where the system blows down for the past couple years. I have been playing with it by cleaning and giving it its best shot at working. Are there any practical civilian or...
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    sticky winch engage

    Hi all . Have a 1991 A2 with a once replaced "Med Duty " front winch. It needs few few medium "bumps' with a heavy rubber mallet to engage or disengage the lever. Jogging unit and or break only helps a bit. How "real world normal" is this, and if bad- is there a basic fix? Thanks- good to have...
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    Poor winch performance

    Hi all. I have a M925 A2 with a Medium Duty winch. Winch was replaced by Air Force. Yesterday I tried to use it to pull a BADLY mired Chevy Trail Blazer. Could not budge it. Winch did go to pull mode, filter was clean, and plenty of hyd oil. I thought it should yank it out easy as Chevy...
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    air dryer purge troubles

    Hi all. Have a small, but frustrating problem. The purge plate on my air dryer will stick open. Truck is A2 with ABS and HALDEX N50011F air dryer. I pulled the snap rings and bottom cover off and O rings are ok and clean. Valve will blow/ pulse , especially on narrow road or traffic. A quick...
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    8.3 Cummins fuel adjustment

    Hi all, I understand adjusting the star wheel on the fuel pump is a good way to free up horsepower. I heard there is a star wheel under a plug. If this is correct, how much should I turn it and what should I expect? I’m not looking to drag race my truck, but a bit of free horsepower to climb...
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    Fuel rack snap-back

    Hi all. My fuel rack doesn't snap back reliably to follow kill solenoid when cold. wd-40 helped, but tired of lifting hood. Any easy and or cheap fix for tired spring? Thanks.
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    Spec to order fuel lines

    Hi all. Is their a "perfered type/spec/material" to ask for when getting the rubber-low pressure fuel lines made up. My local NaPPa seams OK, but always best to know what to ask for . Thanks all.
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    Fuel Transducer

    Hi all. Basic question again. What does the Fuel Transducer , the 4 wire job on top of the little transfer and prime pump, do on the A2 engine? I did look in the TM. Found how to remove it, but little on testing and function. I ask out of curiosity, but also it looks like a good spot to T in a...
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    use of prime/lift pump. 8.3 motor

    Hi all. start.Basic question. My A2 needs a good amount of cranking after sitting and about 3 clicks on the hand throttle to start. Runs fine after start. Kill solenoid sometimes sluggish, but bump with thumb cures it. No obvious bad fuel lines or fittings. Frame fuel filter new and was careful...
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    Oil pan plug?

    Hi all, I noticed the oil pan on my m925a2 has an additional oil drain plug on the side of the oil pan above the drain. I just wondered what it might be for. Is this a good place to put in an aftermarket oil heater? If so, is there a recommended brand or type that works on these rigs? It...
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    Haldex air purge issue

    Hi all, A problem popped up with my low miles 5 ton m925a2. I get "puffs" out my Haldex "auto-purge" air filter. It first happened at startup, then during a five mile drive. Both times I pushed up on the blow valve to get the truck home. Questions- should I spray lube it with WD-40...
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    Shrader valve on fuel filter

    Hi all, My 5 ton a2 has a screw-in shrader valve on top of the first remote fuel filter in place of a vent or petcock. How or when should I use it, or should I put in a plug or cock? Also, is $30 a fair price for #lff 1201 fuel filter? I believe I am due for the 3,000 mile replacement. Thanks!
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    5 ton a2 winter fuel

    Hi all, My 5ton with the small Cummings starts in the winter but it doesn't start great in the cold. It runs great once it's running. I'm currently using number 2 diesel left over from the summer. Does using winterized number 2 make a difference in starting below 35 degrees Fahrenheit...
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    Tire jumper hose- 5 ton

    Hi all, I was curious of where I could find a couple tire jumper hoses for my 5 ton a2 with the central inflation system at a fair price. My hose started leaking and I temporarily patched it but it started leaking again. My hose is about 6 inches long and it's on the outside of the tire. I...
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    when did a2s come about

    Just a simple question. at about what year did the a2 replace the m925a1. thanks!
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    Ether start t stat

    Hi all. I checked and found my ether start t stat/ switch is open at 50deg outside temp. does any body know at what temp they close to allow a shot of ether? also, if bad is there any problem with just jumping it out? thanks!
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    Rim and tire interchange

    hi all, new guy type question. did anyone work out tire and wheel rim interchange? I am interested in 5 ton a2 supersingles, now with non worrkind ctifs and 14.0 20s. iguess other rims and maybe 390xxx tires work,but now dont know. if no link/post exists, would be great service from good...
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    M925A2 Hauling capacity

    Hi all general question. What is the real world bed hauling capacity on an m925a2 truck on paved roads. I recently hauled 8.9 tons of Gravel. The truck overall did great with the exception of a wicked 6% grade. I'm relatively new to these trucks and I'd just like to know the real capacity on...
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    Can I use winch and drivetrain at same time

    hi all! basic and dumb sounding question not clearly covered in tm. i have 925a2. can i engage and use winch with drive wheels next time i get her stuck? i don,t see why not, but don,t want to break something. also, i found welds broken for linkage in cab. is that typical or a week point...
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