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  1. dirtyfingernails

    Papabear said "I'm getting worried about you"

    I was headed south from atlanta (I75/475) and think I saw you headed north--today (Sunday) right?
  2. dirtyfingernails

    Good Price?

    I agree with Lavarock. The price is fair--especially if it has a top.
  3. dirtyfingernails

    pimp my ride (er trailer?)

    Thanks guys. These trailers are really modifiable (not sure that's a word).
  4. dirtyfingernails

    pimp my ride (er trailer?)

    Tongue weight really isn't a problem. The duece box is really light sheet metal. Even with several chains in the box the trailer tows nice and straight--even empty.
  5. dirtyfingernails

    pimp my ride (er trailer?)

    Did some unnecessary fabrication today. Mounted a high-lift jack and ammo boxes to the trailer.
  6. dirtyfingernails

    Rebuilding MY m101a2 BY harleyhouse

    Very nice job! The versatility of MVs and their owner's imagination are boundless!
  7. dirtyfingernails

    M116A3 Flat to Box modification

    Kenny, The wheeled one gets it in and out of the garage and I use the stock one to make sure it doesn't fall on the animals. It's there...might as well use it. I wanted to weld the wheel to stock jack, but it's damaged and moves no more! Hope things are going well for you. You still have...
  8. dirtyfingernails

    M116A3 Flat to Box modification

    Modified my M116A3 to make it more useful behing the F250. Powerwashed it, bedlined it, painted it black, put sides on it, changed the tires and wheels to civy 17 inches load range E, put an old duece tool box on the frame rails and made a tailgate. Cheapy marker lights make a nice accent. I...
  9. dirtyfingernails

    M1102 behind a pickup

    Swiss, no worries. Thanks to all for the info and pics. I need one of these! Anybody interested in selling?
  10. dirtyfingernails

    M1102 behind a pickup

    Thank you all very much for your responses. They were very helpful. I'd very much appreciate a photo or two as promised. DFN
  11. dirtyfingernails

    M1102 behind a pickup

    Could someone post a photo of an M1102 behind a civy pickup truck? I am contemplating buying one of these trailers and want to see if it's a practical trailer for a 3/4 ton truck. These are shorter right? Do they tow well? Last question. Are these beginning to be released to the public in...
  12. dirtyfingernails

    OMG not a nother bobber.

    James, what abot hacking the forward part of another 116 to fill in that gap up front? Looks a little funky reversed like that. Just my opinion.
  13. dirtyfingernails

    Many thanks to Floridianson

    I concur, James is a great guy!
  14. dirtyfingernails

    Welding with ear protection?

    Same thing happened to me too. ER doc told me that it's a very common injury. I always wear earplugs now. Doh!
  15. dirtyfingernails

    Gainesville Fl

    Shannon, Gainesville is a common place for retirees. I am not too familiar with offroading areas, but I'm sure they are few and far between here--especially compared with California. I'd like to see that C30 of yours. Steve
  16. dirtyfingernails

    Pad mount MEP-003

    At my AO, the city has imposed an ordnance on decibel level for fixed-mounted gensets. Good thing is, mobile genset units are not part of the law. I keep mine on a trailer to avoid the noise level limitation. You may want to check your local laws before mounting it.
  17. dirtyfingernails

    M1008 tranny prob--rebuilds cheap?

    Got a lead on an M1008. Tranny is blown though. Would this be something I can have rebuilt by a shop reasonably or perhaps buy a rebuilt one from a parts store? I'm new to the CUCV. Just trying to figure out how much it would cost to be replaced.
  18. dirtyfingernails

    Top 10 Low Pass Fly-By's

    The thing I noticed about the guy getting whacked by the wing was the other guy running out...did you get a load of those Bell-Bottom pants? Took me right back to the 70s!
  19. dirtyfingernails

    UNIMOG pic thread

    Cool. Thanks guys. I guess that's why they remain OUT of my price range! Darn!
  20. dirtyfingernails

    UNIMOG pic thread

    Nice pics. How stable are these vehicles? They look like they would be quite easy to roll. I've never driven one, but hear they are unmatched off-road.
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