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  1. Desert Rat

    On the road to Iowa

    Mourning all!!!! Well, I left home in a hurry yesterday. Reminder to self: DON'T GET IN A HURRY!!!!! That bit me in the butt big time on time. I forgot my chains, straps and one box of tools (I have four boxes though). Driving the back roads at 45 mph really bites. Talk about making a five...
  2. Desert Rat

    Oil filter for the MEP 701 A?

    Does anyone know the civvy version for the oil filter on a diesel MEP 701A? I'll find the NSN this evening if that would help. I think it's printed on the filter.
  3. Desert Rat

    Fischer-Tropsch website

    Here's the open-to-the-public website to help convert coal into diesel and a few other goodies as well. I'll be working/learning on this in my spare time and with Ken. This is an open invite for anyone else to help out with figuring this bugger out. .
  4. Desert Rat

    Lufkin, TX Forestry Dept. auction

    Through some good sources I have developed since moving here I have found out Lufkin, TX will be having an auction of surplus Forestry Department equipment to include 250 vehicles of most every MV discription as well as gensets and other assorted pieces. For those interested in aquiring SF-97...
  5. Desert Rat

    Pics and have a laugh..............

    at my expense as always.
  6. Desert Rat

    Calling Dr. Foster

    To the good Doc., Did you receive any of my PMs?
  7. Desert Rat

    Planning road trips, anyone need tires?

    This is for the members in the KY/IN/OH and IL ares for my first trip there to Evansville, IN. There is a tire company in Houston selling 9.00X20s for $50 NOS in good condition. 11.00X20s for $75 with new tubes and flaps NOS. I'm asking for an extra $10 each to cover fuel and my time...
  8. Desert Rat

    Looking for some parts.

    Hey all! Since this frustrating school computer will not allow me to post in the classifieds I'll post here and let Mike figure out the details. Anyway, I'm looking for two used 8-lug CUCV wheels cheap as well as a CUCV grille for the 3+3 I just bought. Anyone willing to help? Thanks!
  9. Desert Rat

    The soon-to-be 1008 3+3.

    Here's a pic of the 3+3 Chevy engine. I'll have more later.
  10. Desert Rat

    Anyone near St. Louis?

    I need someone to look at this truck for me and see if it has more than brake problems and if she runs, drives and the bed lifts. PM me a.s.a.p. please!!! She's near Columbia IL just south of I - 270. Thanks for any help! DR
  11. Desert Rat

    New pics and something for Bjorn too.

    Here's some pics of the trailer in her new home along with some pics of the receiver for Bjorn. In Florida: For Bjorn: I've been busy!
  12. Desert Rat

    The 'Burb, a large CUCV.

    Here's some pics of the 'Burb. I gotta go to FL now. The back of the 'Burb: Actual Milage: 48,136.1 A view from the passenger rear seat. I think I'll be putting in a TV/DVD player for DM. Up front: I'm definitely saving these for the light bar to be added: Alas, not everything...
  13. Desert Rat

    Yet another road trip to San Antonio.

    I'll have a bunch of pics this weekend. Stay tuned.
  14. Desert Rat

    More pics of DK's CUCV.

    Here they are with assistance from DM. Here we are with DM driving....................... DM inspecting the back of the CUCV............ A classic DM pic! BTW, what are the two things by his shoulder for? Radio power? Here's a clean pic of the CUCV. One last pic with DM. Oops...
  15. Desert Rat

    Pics of the receiver for 'Storm.

    Here they are after much work.
  16. Desert Rat

    The USAF Suburban.

    OK! OK! I'm posting pics of the USAF Chevy Suburban I'm looking to get. Enjoy all.
  17. Desert Rat

    Return Convoy from San Antonio

    Well all, here's some pics of the trip from San Antonio back home. We got three new-to-us Deuces and a CUCV along with a bunch of equipment as well. Fun had by all.
  18. Desert Rat

    Desert Kat's new ride.

    Just in! Fresh from the camera pics! Here's a couple of pics of DK's new-to-her CUCV. She's really excited about it! Well, I'm having problems with posting the pics. More as time goes on. Me.
  19. Desert Rat

    I'm baaack!

    Just a quick note to all, I'm back from the journey with many stories to share. Right now I'm still helping my ex to unload all of the stuff we brought with us. I'll post more tonight.
  20. Desert Rat

    Ken and I need help with our generators.

    After purchasing core 100 amp and 200 amp generators from Howard a few weeks back, we need to rebuild them. However, a small glitch has ocurred. The data plates on the generators do not have an NSN stamped or evenscrawled into them. We have Item (I presume part) Identification numbers and...
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