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  1. Desert Rat

    Deuce Trailers ?

    There are sooo many different trailers for the M35. I have an S280 with an M720 dolly set for mine along with an M105A2 and an M197A1 converter. The possibilities are endless!
  2. Desert Rat

    Windshield Modifications?????

    Now I really feel complimented! WOW guys! DM, I sent you some PMs. You're on the list now. Just getting it to you will be the trick. I know Howard has BUNCHES of these windshields just begging to be picked up! I'll be headed there this week. We just need to figure out how to get it from...
  3. Desert Rat

    Me and my Deuce FISH for residents in Trenton, NJ

    At the very least I would seriously get one of the 3&1/2 inch elbows from NAPA and install it between the mushroom and the air filter canister. It does two beneficial things. First it gets the mushroom top level so water does not collect in the lobe over the mesh and rust through the mushroom...
  4. Desert Rat

    Engine Swap Help Turns Bad

    Kenny, It makes my three toes feel better. Idiot me, I dropped my alternator on them as I was reinstalling the blasted thing to help Hunter. Worse yet, I gotta yank it out again since the repairs from the shop didn't work!
  5. Desert Rat

    Hard Top Project

    I suggested that very concept a few years back. I haven't forgotten it either, just got busy with all the other projects going on in my life. However, with a bit of fortune and blessing, I'll hopefully come up with my solution sometime soon.
  6. Desert Rat

    Heavy equipment trailer for my 5 ton

    Lacoda, You are sooooo correct! I can do it but it's such an incredible pain in the a$$!!!!!!
  7. Desert Rat

    M800 series

    The other difference is the tranny. The Cummins is governed at 2100 rpms. This means the OD in fifth gear is higher so the 800 series can keep up with the older 50 series.
  8. Desert Rat

    Pipeline variant rear marker lights

    I am so delighted to see that bed not go to waste! It's kinda hard for me to think it's the same one I found in the weeds at Howards.
  9. Desert Rat

    Site Upgrades and down time.

    Ok mike, back it up. Back it up. There, you wanted it twice!! (Y'know, put the little shifter thingy to the "R" position and hit the fuel!!!!) rofl aua
  10. Desert Rat

    trying to get the 251 running again?

    The stuck valve will cause the engine to not run. Kroil is THE way to get it unstuck. Get some and be patient in how it works. It's slow but effective. Trying to run the truck with a stuck valve is only begging for disaster.
  11. Desert Rat

    Identify my winch! Is it big enough?

    I'll volunteer to take one for free!!!!!!!
  12. Desert Rat

    M816 5 Ton Medium Wrecker

    I looked again at the pics.. She even has the lolly-pop turn signals too! That's a keeper!
  13. Desert Rat

    M816 5 Ton Medium Wrecker

    M35, The wreckers weigh about 12 tonnes or so (give or take a tonne or two). The Cummins is the trusty 250 naturally aspirated engine. You can put a turbo on it and bump the HP up to 290 or so, but you would need to adjust the timing and fuel pump and so on. They usually command about $15K...
  14. Desert Rat

    M816 5 Ton Medium Wrecker

    Near as I can see (since the museum has one too) is the gas torch tanks are missing like Elwenil said. Other than that the price is a good one. The Cummins is a very relyable engine! Fuel consumption on these will be around 4 - 6 mpg. Remember, they are not aerodynamic in any way so forget...
  15. Desert Rat

    My Truck Has Arrived!

    Free?!?!?!!!! You lucky DOG!!!!
  16. Desert Rat

    Sprague t-case

    Good luck Will! I was at the right place at the right time to get my air-shift replacement t-case for $200 complete!
  17. Desert Rat

    First day to drive the Deuce to work

    Same here! I pulled the same stunt with identical results!
  18. Desert Rat

    M52 for sale

    M35, Yeah this truck's been played with. Here in the US there is no place for plates on the back of a tractor like that. We run a front plate only because the trailer hides any rear plate from sight. The amber warning lights here in the US are always mounted above the cab and, if so...
  19. Desert Rat

    DUCKBILL mask contest results

    The site doesn't work for me. It's just four black screens.
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