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  1. hdmax

    Lifting and 53's

    Huge pain! (To the tune of a broken arm, and many, too many cuts scrapes and bruises.) I have not been on here in a while, between work vacation, travels, normal home owners upkeep and lifting a boobed deuce, and modifying hemtt wheels, I have been a little busy. The tires mounted on modified...
  2. hdmax

    I need your opinions

    In this picture I am just holding the light in place to get an idea how it will look. Sorry for the great photography! In the second picture you can see the lights that are currently in the rear bumper. I am considering getting another set of these LED lights to replace both rear facing red...
  3. hdmax


    I with a lot of help from my 12 year old son Sergeant Lucas got the passenger seat done the seat received 4" of firm foam rubber cushion, and the back got 2" 1st picture is of the finished seat, 2nd one is of Sergeant Lucas proudly standing with out bobbed Deuce. This was my first ever...
  4. hdmax

    Winter/Summer tires

    I am having Paul (Ridgerunner) fabricate a 4" drop spring lift for my Bobbed deuce, and will be getting a set of 395's and they will be mounted on hemmit wheels most likely. My question to other 2 1/2 ton truck owners (And anyone else that wants to chime in!) If you did not have the need to...
  5. hdmax

    Bobbed Deuce weight!

    I had my deuce weighed today out of curiosity, (Seeing that I had to get my M105 weighed for license.) It is an M35A2 W/W and 11.00 20's on stock wheels, bows, and racks, but no cover on the M105 bed. Weight was 11,340 LB. (The truck had no spare, and maybe 5/8 tank of fuel.) The M105 with...
  6. hdmax

    Has anyone here had fuel stolen?

    I was talking to a friend that runs filtered WMO in his 2 1/2 ton M35A2 He went out a couple weeks ago to drive it after it sit all winter, only to find the fuel tank was 1/2 full instead of full as it had been when he parked it in October. I would love to have seen what it went into, and see...
  7. hdmax

    The Mule & the Meuce

    I thought it was fitting seeing how the Deuce seams like an over sized Mule, to call it a Moose with a twist, IE; "The Meuce"
  8. hdmax

    Old Faithful never fails (Yet!)

    1970 Kaiser-Jeep M35A2 Bobbed and singled! A work in progress but lots of fun for my 12 y/o son and I. New fan belts, tires, batteries, lights, brakes, wheel cylinders, A custom rear bumper, custom Reese style receiver hitch. The bump stops on the tailgate rest perfectly on the rear bumper...
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