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    Diagnosing CTIS M1078

    Yes, I have downloaded the Tech Manual and thank you for sharing that. My question and I haven't found it in the site is that pertaining to Software for Computer diagnostics of the system. Is it obtainable? And where might it be located? And has any person on this site done it and know it? I...
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    M1078 Transmission Wiring Pin Location Map or Knowledge of Pin Locations Allison 3070PT

    Gentlemen: I think I really have searched thoroughly for the map for the pin locations on the wiring connections for the transmission on the M1078/ 1997/ Now specifically the one I need is the round quick connect just to the right side rear of the transmission. Allison provides the one for the...
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    Power Distribution Panel M1083A1 10/98

    I have a M1083A1 that has some electrical problems that I assume involve relays. Now my problem is that I have a TM for M1078 and in comparing the picture of the PDP on the 1078 it is different from the 1083. I am trying to locate the Horn Relay and on the 1078 it is K32 and on the top part of...
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    M1083A1 Driver's Door Glass Replacement

    Production date 10/98 (see guys I'm learning) I want to replace the door glass that goes up and down. I've searched the threads and can't seem to find anyone else who did this. I searched my manuals and I have found all the flat glass replacement but not the door glass that goes up and down. My...
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    Steel Soldiers for Dummy needed

    I sure could use some educating on the use of the website. I have asked questions, got tremendous answers, and just when I thought I was getting the hang of how to use this website I discovered I was so wrong. I need to replace a driver side door glass on a M1083 and I thought for sure getting...
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    Advanced Electrical Diagnostics Needed M1078

    The Basic Question is what happens when you turn your master switch on and off? I know this is going to bring out bizarre replies but hear me, please. My problem is random shut down of battery power, both 12vdc and 24vdc. If it shuts down momentarily while it is running it will stay running and...
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    M1083 5 ton Front Brakes and Information Needed/

    I am in need of parts for my front left Meritor Wedge brake. I did manage to remove the guts from the wheel cylinder. I do have kits. But my Brake chamber and wedge are not per se salvageable. The Chamber and tube I could probably reuse if I had to but the Wedge and Spring and the rod that runs...
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    M813 Starter Information Needed

    Model 813 with Cummins Engine/ I am wanting to go to 12 Volt Starter and it would be wonderful to have a gear reduction starter/ I prefer Delco/ Anyone did this yet or am I exploiting unknown territory/ I don't have starter numbers from my existing unit/ All help is most certainly welcome Thank...
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    Looking for some information Please/ M1078 - M1083

    Question one - I was needing starter numbers, my tag is missing/ Caterpillar engine/ 24 volt/ I presume this starter is a Prestolite, I was wondering if I can get Delco instead/ Am I pressing to ask for maybe a gear reduction unit instead of direct drive/ The truck is a working brush truck and I...
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    M1078/ Location of Transmission Control Module/ Please!

    I even read the manual and cannot find the Allison TCM/ It is stated to be with the VIM in the kick panel/ Located VIM under right hand side of dash but no TCM/ Definitely need assistance and thank you/ Merry Christmas\
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    Allison Code 2511 Output Speed Sensor/ M1078

    Hello folks: I am having a real time navigating the Steel Soldiers site. Please, I need help. (My Daddy would agree) My problem is a truck in limp mode stuck in 2nd gear range, has a code of 2511 Output speed sensor. I am familiar that this sensor will do just that from other vehicles I have...
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