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    My Class V Receiver Hitch for M35A2

    Have you thought about selling any ?
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    m35 bed from Jacksonville florida to Westtown ny

    Thank you for all the help and advice. I have decided to try and find one local. It just does not make sense to haul a bed across the country.
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    m35 bed from Jacksonville florida to Westtown ny

    I will find out from the seller. Thank you.
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    m35 bed from Jacksonville florida to Westtown ny

    I am thinking of purchasing a m35 bed that is located in Jacksonville Florida and would like to know how much it would cost to have it transported to Westtown ny 10998 ?
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    New (Short) Style Airpack Rebuild Troubles

    I just received the kit to rebuild my short air pack. If I can get some pictures of the dissemble I will post them to this thread.
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    NG In New York State

    Welcome from Orange county .
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    ww2 jeep stolen

    That's great news. Did they catch the kids who stole it ?
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    I can provide power steering CHEAP & RELIABLE

    Where are the parts built ?
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    Give me some luck... and maybe a few answers? Recovery

    15w40 motor oil, dot 5 brake fluid, fuel filters, coolant, cash for tow truck. I would contact a local towing company . Until you can perform a full safety inspection ( brakes, wheel cylinders , wheel bearings , tires , lights ) I would not risk any body safety .
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    My first sled pull

    No award just had a great time.
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    My first sled pull

    Thank you guys. My brother made the video I didnt have much say in the music i would have perfered just the truck myself, I,m running 11.00R20 Goodyear G177s . I pulled in first gear low range in transfer case. I pulled the farthest in the class i ran in .
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    My first sled pull

    Video Working on it
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    My first sled pull

    Video Hope this works
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    My first sled pull

    So I did my first sled pull on 8/8/12 pulled it 247.5 ft. I used low range in transfer case and first gear held rpm's around 2500 :driver:
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    Which Deuce is Best

    Both models take a lot of maintenance if you do not have the tools,space or the mechanical skills necessary to maintain it your self your in for more then you know. Like others have said do a lot of research then make an informed choice.
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    Weird tail light problem

    Bulb Did you check for a good ground at the side of the socket. If so you need to perform a voltage drop on both sides of the circuit
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    MIA Admin

    water Good luck
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    stripping paint from gauges??

    paint removal Have them blasted with baking soda
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    Kublo's Surplus in PA...Looking for feedback.

    Take the ride
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    changed fluid shifting hard now

    hard shift If you are talking about Dex6 it is backwards compatible with all fluids and will not cause a hard shift as per GM it is fine to mix Dex3 & Dex 6
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