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  1. gem1410

    M923--air valve on front axel lockout valve leaks

    I have a M923 that has a big air leak at the air valve on the front of the transfer case that engages the front axel --when I try to engage the front axel it just leaks and the axel does not engage--I can not locate any of these for sale--What is the name for this valve and who might have these...
  2. gem1410

    Humvee has replaced injector pump--air leaking in somewhere

    I replaced the injector pump on a 6.2--old pump had a fuel leak that filled the valley but engine did run well--put on new pump and engine ran well for a short time and now misses as if air is getting into fuel line--bled all injectors still has rough idle--Is there a way to bleed the pump at...
  3. gem1410

    6.5 turbo heat shield removal--any easy way?

    I have swollen glow plugs and have to take off the passengers side engine heat shield to get the glow plug removal tool against the block--how do you get to the bolts and any hints on getting them off--looks like exhaust manifold bolts holding shield on engine--thanks George engine is gm...
  4. gem1410

    M998 wont shift out of 1st--any ideas

    M998 wont shift out of 1st--Maine rebuild with 5k miles--6.5 gep--Fluid is at correct level and is clean--in low range at high rpm does not shift--on highway in hi range no shift either--reverse is ok and the shift from neutral into 1st feels solid-- --It has sat for 2 years in my garage--I...
  5. gem1410

    At what speed does the torque converter lock in a 4l80e trans

    I just got my humvee with a 6.5 turbo and a 4L80e trans--Shifts 2-4 are smooth but I cannot feel the torque converter lock up--Around what speed does it lock--Thanks George
  6. gem1410

    xm1113 humvee--what does the x stand for

    what does the x stand for on the xm1113 humvee--is this the first heavy model--thanks
  7. gem1410

    Where can I get a fuel tank pick-up sock for M998

    I need a fuel tank pick-up sock for my m998--any ideas who has them---thanks
  8. gem1410

    Humvee 6.5 seized--best way to free it up?

    I purchased am M998 with a locked up 6.5--truck has been sitting 10 plus years---5000 miles on truck--the engine is gm manufactured--the glow plugs came out easy and have light surface rust on tips--injectors had surface rust on tips --I drained the oil and saw no sign of water-------I have...
  9. gem1410

    Humvee floor repair--any ideas

    I have a M998 which had some plywood screwed into the rear floor--I removed the plywood and there is a big tear in the floor---are there replacement panels available--Thanks
  10. gem1410

    GL Humvees for sale--where are these from

    I see gl is advertising humvees for sale soon--Anyone know where these are from--or what the sale is about--Thanks George
  11. gem1410

    M998 backfires through intake at times

    My m998 with a 6.2 has a few trickey problems---Bough t it dead---no pcb--all glow plugs bad--had antifreeze and oil in it when i got it--installed new pcb --got it to start----when it runs it sometimes backfires through the intake for 20 seconds and then runs with a miss for 1 or 2 minuets then...
  12. gem1410

    M998--why is this reinforcement plate on some trucks but not others--thanks

    I have seen this plate on some M998s but not others---anybody know what it is for--Thanks
  13. gem1410

    How to keep your humvees safe

    I bought some humvees from Fort Dix and had to get them off the base in order to be checked out--Across the street was a friends parking lot--I had to leave some there over night and had a bad feeling someone might make off with one of them--So I chained them all together--Looked like sad dogs...
  14. gem1410

    How do I remove a broken glow plug from 6.2 diesel

    Got my humvee from gov planet as a non runner-----Have a glow plug that is broken off deep in the bottom of the threads--I started the engine and at first it had a big compression leak and then the leak closed up--So I figure the element of the plug is still intact--lucky---any ideas how to get...
  15. gem1410

    humvee--is it ok to leave cooling line off transfer case

    have a vampire m998---bypassed the t-case cooler--i drive on the road no faster then 45mph----2 to 3 hour trips--does the t-case need the trans fluid passing through it--thanks George--I live in the nj--cool weather around here
  16. gem1410

    M923---where are the fusible links or fuses--thanks

    My friend was operating a 24 volt hydraulic pump for a snow plow in his M923 and blew the top and bottom panels off the pcb-------now no power to the starter when by-passing the destroyed box--- are there fusible links located on the firewall or inside the cab--------cant find anything--thanks
  17. gem1410

    M998--new glow plugs burnt out and swollen in 2 hours

    HI--bought 1986 m998 from gp--It came with nartron box and yellow controller--all glow plugs were bad and swollen--replaced with new military surplus glow plugs and all were bad and swollen within 2 hours---now the wait light flashes 5 or more times when start switch turned on--when this box...
  18. gem1410

    1990 humvee stuck in high lock

    My M998 is locking the axles in H as it does in HL--N and L are ok--I do not have a transfercase light on this humvee--could this be an external adjustment or is something broken--on a hard surface the axles bind during a turn in both H and HL--Thanks George
  19. gem1410

    Will Budd wheels fit on a M931a2 tractor

    Thinking about putting 24.5 tires with budd wheels on my M931a2 tractor--need to lower the height to tow standard trailers--Do the Bud wheels bolt up directly or how could I do it--Thanks George
  20. gem1410

    Got my Humvee today--Feels like Christmas--pics

    Got my Humvee today at Dix--perfect weather--did not know if it would fit on my flatbed--Ron from GP said he saw no problem and forked it on----Got everything home with no problems--Felt like Christmas the whole way home--got home and drained 10 gallons of water from the fuel tank--will try to...
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