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    200 amp alternator question.

    I just did the swap from the 60 amp alternator to the 200 amp dual voltage alternator for the 12v out. In the installation it asks the ground the +14v to the alternator body with a jumper. Before I do that I want to see if anyone knows why ground a + connection? Or if you have the 200 amp...
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    Transmission upgrade

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for some guidance on converting up to the 4l80 overdrive transmission. I currently run the 6.2 and 3l80 3 speed and want better drivability. I'm thinking about getting a new 4l80 and using the tci control box but wasn't sure if anyone has done this or knows an easier...
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    Winch mount complete but a question...

    I have most of the install of the winch mount and brackets but now I'm confused and have a dumb question. The mounting pattern for the winch is 9x4.5 and every winch I've ever had and any I can find is 10x4.5?? Did the mil warn have a special bolt pattern?
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    Windshield Replacement

    When I picked up my HMMWV from GP it had a cracked drivers windshield. I've called around and looked online and no one will replace an H1 windshield? Even the Civ version?? Anyone with experience in this? Should I just get a piece of glass cut and put it in myself? I would assume it's the same...
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    North GA Mountains October 18th - Trail Ride

    We are planning on a trail ride October 18th in the North GA Mountain from Elijay area to Helen. All dirt roads. If you're interested let me know. We haven't got the trails mapped yet but the event is planned :-)
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    Alternator question

    I picked up my hummer today and put a used alternator in it because the alternator that was in it was torn up. When I installed the new one it worked fine and was charging the batteries and also had a good output from the back of the alternator. Now, 7 hours later its.not charging. Any ideas or...
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